Where else to apply? NEED ADVICE!!!

<p>I have applied to Duke early decision and North Carolina State; however, I am looking for a few other schools to apply to under regular decision. Location does not really matter. I am sort of leaning toward engineering but that is definitely not for sure. Just trying to give myself more options but simply not really sure where to apply. I could really, really use some help. Thanks a lot!!!</p>

<p>NC resident
1350 SAT (740M,610V)
28 ACT
1 0f 260 class rank
4.79 GPA (4.0 unweighted)
AP Chemistry 4
AP Statistics 4
AP US History 5</p>

<p>Varsity Basketball 10,11,12 Captain (12), Starter (11,12)
Cross Country 9,10,11,12 Captain (11,12) All-conference(11
Odyssey of the Mind Official 9,10,11,12 Headed scoring volunteers
National Honor Society 10,11,12 Vice-president
Students Against Drunk Driving 9,10,11,12 Vice-president, Adopt-a-highway
Latin Club 9,10,11,12 Latin Leadership Council</p>

<p>Alamance Consulting Engineers 11,12 employee
Boys' State Board of Elections, House of Reps.
Loaves and Fishes volunteer 9,10,11
Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church 9,10,11,12 Generations of Faith, Confirmation</p>

<p>Thanks again and best of luck to everyone.</p>

<p>do you want to stay in NC?</p>

Trinity C</p>

<p>Just a few.</p>

<p>Thanks blaineko and badabing75 for your responses. To answer your question, no, not necessary in NC. Thanks again.</p>

<p>Thanks a lot to everyone who has read this thread, but if you could please, please leave your opinions of other schools that I should consider applying to regular decision. Probably univerities that are either a reach or match for me since I N.C. State as my safety. Thanks once again.</p>

<p>Private universities - Rice U (TX) - reach, Washington University (MO) - reach, Rensselaer Poly Tech (NY) - possible match
Public - Univ of Texas - possible match, Georgia Tech - possible match, UNC-Chapel Hill - match</p>

<p>But don't just count on this board for advice. Get out there and start researching schools!</p>

<p>In order of engineering and overall excellence:</p>

<h1>1 Cornell and Michigan-Ann Arbor</h1>

<h1>3 Johns Hopkins and Northwestern</h1>

<h1>5 Texas-Austin, Wisconsin-Madison</h1>

<h1>7 Purdue-West Lafayette (safety)</h1>

<p>Forget about:
UNC (they suck in Engineeing)</p>

<p>UNC-CH is a must! If you are "leaning" engineering, you might not do it, and to not apply to UNC in state would be a mistake.</p>

<p>If you are looking at engineering, you may want to consider Rose-Hulman (match for you). Rose is a small school, but has a wonderful reputation.</p>

<p>Two other schools that come to mind are Case Western in Cleveland and Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh. I would guess that Case is close to a safety for you, while CMU would be a match.</p>

<p>Hope this helps.</p>

<p>Slipper, I agree with you 100%. UNC is awesome and a must for in-staters...except those who intend to major in Engineering. UNC does not even have a school of Engineering, let alone a bad one!!! LOL</p>

<p>You should definitely apply to Lehigh. Also Lafayette and Bucknell. All three schools have strong engineering programs. You should also think about Georgia Tech, Illinois (Urbana Champaign), Chicago, Rochester and Wisconsin. What about Harvey Mudd?</p>

<p>If you are thinking of Engineering, consider Carnegie Mellon.</p>

<p>Thanks to everyone for their responses. This will give me a good head start in researching some possible universities for me. Thanks a lot and good luck to all!</p>

Columbia Fu Foundation
Illinois Urbana Champaign
Cooper Union</p>

<p>Ga Tech, Va Tech,Clemson,Vandy</p>

<p>Clemson are Va Tech are great ideas -- definitely look into them</p>

<p>Might want to look at Holy Cross -best Catholic LAC-which also has good athletic program. Holy Cross likes to recruit students from all over the country and being from NC might get some merit aid at HC.</p>

<p>Thanks again to everyone for your comments. It has been a tremendous help.</p>