where have you been rejected from?

<p>notre dame... probably more to come</p>

<p>None yet...but it's imminent :/</p>

<p>None yet, though I was deferred EA from Boston College. Sigh.</p>

<p>none yet.....</p>

<p>Yale! Ah, well, I should've applied to a different school early anyway. My app for Yale was awful... at least my RD schools got the new and improved version :-)</p>

<p>Northwestern HPME. havent been outright rejected from any colleges tho..</p>

<p>lol fringey, my ea yale app was also pretty bad cuz i did it last minute. i got deferred (which usually =rejection)</p>


<p>None yet, but come the evening of March 27th, I intend to read some 'regret' or 'sorry' notice on the appstatus website about how I'm just not fit for UC Berkeley or something along those lines.</p>


<p>Haha, it's sort of funny now. I'm kind of glad, too. I'll be even more glad if everything this month comes out well... If I'm rejected from my new couple top choices, then I'll care again.</p>

<p>Penn! But I applied to Wharton, so it was expected</p>

<p>deferred from yale.</p>

<p>caltech. ahaha</p>

<p>no where .</p>

<p>None yet...</p>

<p>nowhere but i did get deferred ed from wustl</p>

<p>i expect to get rejected from vanderbilt!!!</p>


<p>None yet. I was deferred from Cornell ED though. I'm expecting multiple rejections</p>


<p>But accepted to Caltech.</p>

<p>what Hands said...</p>

<p>None yet... but I'm expecting to see a big fat rejection from Carleton coming along in about a month</p>