where i can learn digital marketing course

Can u suggest me :">

There’s one offered at Southwestern University in TX – it’s a pretty school, offers good FA, and great career services.

Digital Marketing or Digital Advertising is the process through which paid campaigns are planned, executed and managed. The platforms used for Digital marketing are Social Media, Image sharing sites, Search Engines, video sharing sites, Emails, content hosting, query sites, and mobile apps. The digital marketing process involves a digital marketing agency that identifies the optimum platform, identify the target audience, creates and curates the content & creative for the ads, plans and implements the campaigns and monitors and makes changes to the campaigns to optimize the results. Lighthouse is a digital marketing agency in Bangalore that provides 360 degree optimum digital marketing solutions in lead generation campaigns and branding campaigns.

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Probably at any college with a marketing major. At my school, it’s a required course for marketing majors.