Where I may have a chance with a low gpa? CS Transfer

Hey all, I am trying to figure out where I may have a decent chance at getting into as a transfer student. Preferably, I would like to go to schools in NYC proper, as I just established myself here and I am not looking to move out of the city unless I absolutely have to. <1 hr commute preferred. Currently reside in Queens. I have 12 withdraws over the years which I know is…horrific…but I struggled with undiagnosed OCD for years and now that I have it under control I have been taking classes and getting a 3.5 GPA average for the past year. I know CS is a competitive major and I am somewhat limiting myself by trying to aim for NYC schools, which would likely be CUNY schools with my gpa. Any thoughts would be appreciated!


  • US domestic
  • 24M
  • State/Location of residency: Recently moved from CA to New York City
  • Type of college: In and out of community colleges for 8 years.
  • Gender/Race/Ethnicity: Hispanic/White

Intended Major Computer Science

GPA, Rank, and Test Scores

  • College GPA (for transfers): ~ 3.1

*72 credits, 81 after this semester, ~ 3.1 GPA, 12 Withdrawals

*Thinking of writing an essay about how I overcame OCD, which was the reason I kept on withdrawing (career OCD)

Cost Constraints / Budget
*Since I am a transfer, I am willing to stretch my budget, 40k/year max.