Where should I apply? Any advice is appreciated.

<p>Hello I am am a Vietnamese-American. I was born in Columbia, South Carolina but I now reside in Southern California. I'm just looking for some input as to where I should apply and how my chances might stand. I'm currently in 12th grade.</p>

<p>-GPA is around 3.8 weighted and 3.63 unweighted.
-AP Classes: AP English Language and Comp. (scored a 4) and AP Biology (scored a 5)
- I was in volleyball my 9th and 10th grade.
- I've been a Boy Scout since 1st grade and I will soon be an Eagle Scout
-Other Clubs/Activities: Model UN (Helped start the club up in 11th grade)
AP Ambassadors (Treasurer/Core member; we help students throughout the campus with their AP courses and provide tutoring, information, etc...)
Vietnamese Student Association (10th - present)
Staff Writer on school newspaper (11th grade to present)</p>

<p>Please let me know! I'm likely going to apply to all the UC's. More than anything I want to get a better idea of what private schools i should apply to. I'm looking to Major in Computer Sciences or Biology. I'm willing to go out of state depending on the financial aid package.</p>