Where should I apply ED with a low GPA but good ACT?

I’m considering applying to either UPenn, Columbia, or Williams ED.

Right now I have a 3.7 UW, but that is an upward trend, since I got 6 B’s in Sophomore year. I’ve taken the most rigorous courses at my school and around 10 AP classes. Other than those 6 B’s I have all A’s.
My ACT score is a 34.
My extracurriculars are great + I’m president of 2 clubs. I have some pretty great awards, though they aren’t that big - AMC 10 AMIEE placer, gold key, etc). I do a lot of social justice, which I think is pretty well aligned with a lot of students at Columbia, but I feel like my GPA is too low for Columbia and that my ACT isn’t good enough to make up for the GPA.

I’m half-Asian American - female. I think my essays are pretty good - though not outstanding.
I got a 760 on my USH SAT 2 (should I submit?)
I want to major in English (concentrating in creative writing, if possible) and go to a good law school afterwards. Which school do you think would be best? I know Williams sends a lot of people to prestigious law schools, but many of their extracurriculars seem too small for me. Also, I don’t like how it’s rural - I love the city. I also want to get internships at cool magazines and newspapers, such as the NY times in college, and I think williams will be a disadvantage since it’s not in a big city.

I have a legacy at Columbia, but not at UPenn or Williams. I honestly love all these schools.

Given that you have a legacy at Columbia, I would tend to lean in that direction for ED. You have have two problems, your GPA which is on the lower end for all schools listed, and you’re half-asian (which makes for one of the most competitive groups to seek admission). Fair or not, you will be judged against those relative applications from your region, and thus you need to find away to make-up that difference and stand-out. I think the bigger Q is whether your legacy status is sufficient to overcome your lower GPA???

It appears you have hesitations about Williams, and thus,unless those have gone away, I would re-consider using your ED to apply there…