Where should I apply- pre-med

<p>I am looking for schools that are very strong in biology and pre-med programs, here are my stats:</p>

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<p>So far, my list of schools to apply is this (excluding safety schools):</p>

Johns Hopkins
Either Princeton or Stanford, maybe both</p>

<p>One thing though is that I don't really want to go to a small liberal arts school or something like that.</p>

<p>Tufts -- strong pre-med program
Carnegie Mellon
University of Michigan
University of Rochester
University of Pittsburgh</p>

<p>Just a couple of more schools worthy of a look. Some would be safeties; others are matches for your numbers. If you did well at any of these schools, you would be well prepared for medical school.</p>

<p>you could try Duke, it is very stong in premed but is also well-rounded. it would be a reach for you though</p>

<p>Why'd you leave the safety schools out? They are always the most important schools on your list - schools which you'd enjoy, feel happy about attending, and which would give you the kind of education you need. (The best pre-med student at Pitt, with the same med. scores, is going to have an easier time of it than the average one at JHU, and she might be the same student!)</p>

<p>These days, the challenge is not getting into med. school, but how to pay for it.</p>

<p>Try UVa... they have an excellent premed school and are not that expensive.</p>

<p>Once you add the cost up of a private school + grad. school, it will = a lot...</p>

<p>UVa and Duke are excellent additions.</p>

<p>Being hispanic, you have a reasonable shot at the top schools. Do apply.</p>

<p>sorry, :D. my safety schools are UCONN (has a nice program, is really cheap since I live in CT, and my mom is alumni) and RPI(I have a $60,000 scholarship), I didn't put them because I am fairly sure about them, not because I didn't feel they were important</p>

<p>thanks alot for the responses, I'm going to research all of these schools, and any other suggestions as well</p>