Where should I apply to college

<p>Hello, i would just like to know what colleges have a pretty good physics program that i stand a chance at. Or what colleges i should apply to. I live in georgia, want to go to a reputable school in the south or northeast. I want to go to a large school. So whats up you all....</p>

<p>Here are my stats....</p>

<p>3.38 uwgpa, 3.75wgpa
1080(540, 540)
1210 SAT( 650 MATH, 560 VERBAL)
1130(600 MATH, 530 VERBAL)
23 ACT scores(taken it twice already)
8 honors classes and 3AP classes including this year
1 AP test taken: U.S History- 3
I am an African American Male</p>

<p>current schedule:</p>

Honors French IV
AP Physics
Honors Statistics
Spanish II</p>

<p>Ec's and honors</p>

<p>-County Multicultural Steering Committe
-Volunteer for Raising Expectations, a mentoring and tutoring program for underpriveleged inner city kids
-Beta Club
-Academic Team
-Peer Tutor
-JV basball(9th and 10th grade)
-Been accepted onto national honor roll
-Star Student for communications for business class
-Been selected as priority canidate for Tulane University and Santa Clara University</p>

<p>and some other honors for the various club activities
Work at Publix part time in summer and school</p>

<p>did you get rejected by ga tech?</p>

<p>no, ga tech is my first choice. i dont get my decision until january. but i am asking for backup schools, or even other good schools. I got accepted to auburn.</p>

<p>please, can i have more opinions on the bizank</p>

<p>Look also at Elon, Florida, Clemson, James Madison, NC State, SMU, Tulane and Denison.</p>

<p>uhh, thanks college mom, but if you read the post, i am black. surely i would never even consider elon, james madison, or denison.</p>

<p>I am lost. Why not Elon, JMU if you are black? Btw, you don't hear from GT until March 15.</p>