Where should I apply to?

We have GPA’s in a 100-scale. The GPA of all students is 65, mine is 60,44. Is that bad or just fine?
I think 60 is equal to 2,4 and 65 is 2,6. So if the average is 2,6 I think Im not a bad student for my school? (Its a very disciplined and tough French HS, we don’t get high grades)

SAT 1350. Math 540, Writing 360, Critical Reading 450. Okay thats bad.

But nice EC’s.
Volleyball: 9th, 10th, 11th
Hitter playing on number 3 or 4 in school team

VP, Delegate, Press member in Model UN : 9th, 10th, 11th
Represented various governments, resolutions passed in most of them. Leaded the club in school. Wrote articles for MUN newspaper and took photographs.

Attendee at EKO Conference: 10th
Resolution based on the continental shelf problem between Turkey and Greece has been passed and sended to a governmental organisation.

CONTRARIWISE International Contest by Columbia Secondary School: 12th
Poem representing the governmental problems in Turkey, rated an honorable mention and will be published in the coming issue. Won a 1-year subscription of the magazine.

Intern at Acik Radio, a media-based organisation: 11th
Assisted with daily tasks for a week. Have seen an exposition, written an article about it. The article has been read out during a program of the radio station.

President of the class: 10th
VP of the class:11th
Reported student’s wishes and complaints to teachers, and vice-versa. Dealed with daily tasks in class.

President of the Entrepreneurship Club: 11th
Prepared a year end festival for fundraising for LOSEV. Contacted famous personalities in order to have them singing/doing a speech in the festival.

Member of the Spanish Club: 9th
Got involved with the Spanish culture and language, had a 3-day trip to Barcelona during the semestrial break.

Fundraised at school via my photography expositions and have built dog houses at a local animal shelter.(10th-11th)

Volunteered at French La Paix Hospital and assisted the elderly. 11th, 12th

Boston University CELOP: 11th (During summer-break)

Obtained DALF C1: 12th
Only a small percentage of the senior students have obtained this French language proficiency test of before-highest level.

My school list:
University of Connecticut
University of Vermont
Towson University
DePauw University
Emmanuel College
University of Cincinnati
University of New Hampshire
University of Rhode Island
DePaul University
Emory & Henry College

Hartwick College
McDaniel College

Ohio State University

Temple University
University of Hartford

University of Maine
Washington College
Washington & Jefferson College

Wittenberg University

Which ones should I apply to, and which ones definitely not to!? What kind of a candidate I am? Thanks!

Probably your grades don’t translate as low as that. Try asking in the international student forum where they are more familiar with grading and see what is a good way to translate grades. That is pretty low.

The SAT is not good. Those scores are not considered ‘college ready’ here, really. You have to work on those and retake it.

As mentioned above, your SAT score is pretty low, probably too low for most of the schools on your list, even if your grades are acceptable. You could try applying to some of the Pennsylvania state universities (PASSHE schools). I know that many of them (not West Chester) accept students with SAT scores in that range. Some of the non-flagship universities in other states may be possibilities, too.


Can you tell for which schools my score could be fine, as you said ‘most’
Thanks for the advices!

Your SAT score is below average for most of the schools on your list, with the possible exceptions of Emory & Henry and the Universities of Maine and Rhode Island. However, some of the other small private colleges on your list may be willing to accept you if you can afford to attend without financial aid (i.e., if you are a full-pay international). Also, colleges and universities often have a different admissions process and different requirements for international students, so my guesses based on statistics for domestic students may not be accurate in your situation.

SAT doesnt mean your ready for college tho. Its just s score that will never matter after ten years.