Where should I apply!!!????

Hello everyone. I’m starting the college application process and want to know where I should apply. I know I want to go to a school on the west coast or the northeast (nothing in the middle and nothing in the south).

My intended major is Applied Mathematics

I’m a white male from a middle class family in San Diego,CA

I go to a public high school with about 3,000 kids

GPA 10-12:
Unweighted: 3.92
Weighted: 4.67

AP Tests:
European History - 3
Biology - 4
English Lit and Comp - 4
Spanish - 4
Computer Science - 5

I’ve taken the most rigorous courses available throughout high school and will continue in senior year. Taking two math classes senior year.

I took it twice. First time:
720 CR, 720 M, 780 W (2220)
Second time:
660 CR, 740 M, 790 W (2190)
SuperScore - 2250

SAT Subject Tests:
Biology E - 770
Chemistry - 750
Math 2 - 710 (definitely retaking)


  • Eagle Scout and still an active member of Boy Scouts
  • Head Treasurer of our school’s Spanish Honors Society (I organize fundraisers and keep track of the money. We donate it to charities that help build houses and schools in South America)
  • Peer tutor(for math and science) two days a week for an hour after school
  • Two summers working at a summer school by helping teachers in class, organizing projects, and preparing materials for classes
  • JV Cross Country freshman year, JV volleyball freshman and sophomore year(league champions if that counts for anything)
  • I play many musical instruments(piano primarily) but I haven’t taken lessons in years

Any input is greatly appreciated. Where should I apply? What can I do to prove my application?

How much can you and your family afford? Since you are in-state CA, you look like a competitive applicant for all the UC’s including UCLA/UCB and UCSD. If you go OOS, you may have to pay much more for comparable universities.
Your EC’s look good with some leadership. Write some good essays and you will several good choices in the end.
Calculate your UC GPA: http://rogerhub.com/gpa-calculator-uc/

Outside CA you’ll need your GPA for all grades. How much can your family afford?

Cornell, UCLA. In terms of improving your application, you could impress and an admissions committee with a non-STEM subject test, but you’d have to do well on it. Nevertheless, as you stand, this is hardly a glaring omission.

Thank you for the help. At this point I’m just trying to get ideas so for now I’ll say money isn’t an issue.


Freshman: UW - 4.0 W - 4.0
Sophomore: UW - 3.83 W - 4.33
Junior: UW - 4.0 W - 5.0