Where should I apply?

<p>-International applicant-</p>

<p>Private school
No Rank
No Unweighted GPA
GPA - Unweighted: 3.6/4.0
Have taken 2 honors and currently taking 2 APs.</p>

<p>SAT I : CR 470 M 720 W 520 essay;8 (1190/1710)
SAT II Math Level IC : 660
Willing to take SAT II Math IIC and US History in January</p>

<p>Significant Extracurriculars:
Foreign Exchange Student Program - 9th
FBLA - 9th
Art Club - 9th
Jr. Beta - 9th
Alternative Sports Club - 10th
Chess Club - 11th
Photo Club - 11th
Indoor Soccer Club - 10th, 11th, 12th
Clarinet - 7 years</p>

<p>Leadership positions:
Soccer Club : Founder - 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th
Senior Leader in Mentor Group</p>

<p>Athletic Status
Varsity Baseball - 9th
Varsity Track & Field - 11th</p>

<p>Volunteer/Service Work: Fitness Club - 9th
Church - 10th,11th,12th
Car wash Donation - 10th, 11th, 12th
Hospital - 10th, 11th (total 100 hours)
Florissant House Compliant Painting Project - 11th
Habitat for Humanity - 12th</p>

<p>Honors and Awards:
FBLA Best member of the year - 9th
Band Best member of the year - 9th
Honor Roll - 9th 10th 11th</p>

<p>What are my match/reach?
I already got into Indiana University Bloomington.</p>