Where should I Apply?

<p>I'm a junior this year and have a 3.5 GPA and got a 2100 on the SAT
AP classes I've taken- Euro (4) US Hist and Chemisty
will take next year- Physics, Calc AB, Govt, Literature, Pyschology, and Photo
I live in Ohio and am most likely going to go to OSU but I would love to go out of state to a top-50 college. Any ideas?</p>

<p>If 3.5 is unweighted, you've got a lot of choices. By "top 50" I assume you're referring to US News' list, in which case you have a decent shot at any college ranked 25-60. Your SAT is basically "better" than your GPA, but neither will exclude you from any of those colleges. Some suggestions:</p>

<p>Reaches (not like incredibly high):
U of Southern California
Boston C</p>

University of Wisconsin-Madison
U of Miami
George Washington U</p>

<p>Low Matches:
Boston U
Penn State - U Park</p>

Ohio State U - Columbus</p>

<p>I didn't include liberal arts colleges, basically because I'm not that familiar with them and didn't feel like CBing (OPAMND*) a million colleges.</p>

<p>*Oxford, Please Add My Neologism to your Dictionary</p>

<p>Also look at Lehigh, Lafayette and Georgia Tech.</p>

<p>Here are a number of colleges (and a few universities) that you might want to look at as well.</p>

Trinity (CT)
Washington & Lee
Emory U
Wake Forest U</p>

Union (NY)
Connecticut C
Holy Cross (MA)
Franklin & Marshall
Colorado C</p>

Sewanee-U of the South
Furman U

<p>Thanks a lot... that really helps!
I'm not really looking into liberal arts colleges anyway so that's fine, I would love to go to NYU but it might be a bit of a big stretch. Thanks again guys.</p>

<p>What sort of environment (urban, rural, etc) are you looking for? How far away from home are you willing to go? What's your family's financial status? How big do you want the school to be? What are you interested in studying?</p>

<p>I'm into a more urban area with more people (larger school).
I'm willing to really go anywhere in the country as long as the college is good.
My parent's income is one of middle class so I won't be getting much financial aid (doesn't hurt to try though).
I'm interested in humanities and economics, after I get my bachelors I want to go to law school. Maybe that will narrow it down. Thanks again!</p>

<p>Vandy, Emory, Wake Forest, URochester, and Tulane are good choices that are pretty good about need-based aid and use merit aid to attract students.</p>

<p>Public universities that have decent aid include: UWisconsin-Madison, UWashington-Seattle, UMichigan-Ann Arbor, UNC-Chapel Hill, and UVA.</p>