where should i apply?

<p>I know this is long, please bear with me, and this is most appreciated… </p>

<p>I’m an Asian male junior in a public school, fairly competitive #18 in NJ, of about 450 in my grade... </p>

<p>my weighted gpa is a 4.5798
my unweighted gpa is a 3.59
my rank (though they don't give it anymore) is probably around the 20-25/450
I have taken 5 AP courses through this year: physics B(5), Chemistry(5), Biology, Calculus BC, Stat, and all my other courses have all been honors... through my junior year I have 142.5 credits, I’ll have 180 or 190 by the time I graduate (need 120 to graduate)... senior year, I plan to take AP programming, psychology, Physics C, and Latin... </p>

<p>I scored a 198 on my psats sophomore year 72, 61, 65 for math, writing, and reading respectively and on the last sat I took I scored a 1460, an 800 on math and a 660 on English. My SAT II scores are an 800 on math IIc, a 740 on chem, and a 690 on physics. </p>

<li>I took alg/II trig honors as a freshman as an independent study, and I am taking Latin III as an independent study… </li>

interact & able
peer tutoring (in school)
Latin club
National Latin exam (summa cum laude)
Latin honor society
Hunterdon symphony 1st violin 3rd chair (counts as volunteer hours, perform dress rehearsals at senior centers and for mentally disabled)
violin (9 years)
Saturday strings was 1st chair 1st violin (also counts for volunteer, play at hospitals and senior centers)
gaming club (chess/pente things of that sort)
intramural hockey
math league (9th place all state as a freshman…)
AMC competition: 92 as freshman (10), 96 as sophomore (12)
chemistry club (president)
chemistry Olympics (5th in state)
science league (chemistry/physics)
model UN
pit orchestra (1st violin)
Debate team
volunteer tutoring (personal) 2 hrs per week</p>

<p>maybe give me a couple of high reaches, reaches, matches, and safeties... i'm thinking about chemical engineering, or engineering in general</p>

<p>u guys are hangin me out to dry</p>

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<p>Carnegie Mellon, RPI, You can try MIT and Caltech, Ga Tech, Any good state University such as Univ of Michigan or Univ of Maryland etc. Also consider Cooper Union.There are lots of places.</p>

<p>thanks for replyin... i was also lookin at cornell's engineering school and columbia's seas... would i have a chance?</p>

<p>Its good that you are thinking about all this now - and I hope that you can manage visits to many of the schools on your list. Cornell would be a reachy match - and well worth looking into. I am not familiar with the Columbia program. </p>

<p>If you will be submitting the new SAT, you will need to take the SAT II writing for many of the more competitive schools. With the new SAT, writing is included. You are going have to be very careful to check the colleges websites for which tests they will accept. Many take either, but some require the new test.</p>

<p>since i am a junior, almost all the schools want the new sats... so ya, i'm takin those, so i don't need writing for sat II's </p>

<p>could someone tell me like if i match these schools (or reach/big reach etc.) MIT, columbia seas, cornell, johns hopkins, yale, princeton, rutgers</p>

<p>oh right, in addition to the previous list, are there any other cornell/columbia esque schools in the northeast area</p>

<p>bump bump bump... so sad, so many views... yet only 2 replies (That aren't mine :))</p>

<p>I'd say you could try MIT, Cornell, Carnegie Mellon, RIT, RPI (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute), Boston University.</p>

<p>MIT might be a little bit of a reach and you could also try Caltech and SUNY Binghamton.</p>

<p>Peace :).</p>

<p>thanks for replying... so would this be accurate of what ur saying...</p>


<p>i don't really want to go all the way out to california... any other opinions... especially on my chances at columbia FU seas...? i really like NYC</p>

<p>bump... just want a couple more solid opinions... on my chances... especially at cornell and columbia seas...</p>

<p>You have...I don't mean this in an offensive way at all...weak EC's. I think that is going to screw you for the ubber-selective schools like Columbia and MIT. I think Cornell is the best option for you right now. If you are financially able, I would apply ED, because that will help your chances. I second thoughts on Michigan, and I recommend Wisconsin, University of Miami, Tulane, BU, Johns Hopkins(maybe consider ED-ing?).</p>

<p>ya i know i have weak ecs... only things i really put thought into are the violin ones... :) i think i will put my ED on cornell, the thing that really bothers me is the fact that acceptance for columbia's seas is at 29%...</p>

<p>Do Cornell ED for sure, acceptance rate above 60% and you are in.</p>

<p>u serious? the acceptance for ED is over 60??? wow, thanks slipper1234, u just made my decision for me...</p>

<p>final list: cornell (ED), MIT (EA), Yale (EA maybe), columbia seas regular, jhu regular, rutgers/tcnj regular... one last favor?? could someone rate my chances at each school based on how i'm applying? % wise please :)</p>

<p>MIT- Far Reach (for anyone)
Cornell- Reach (again.. for Anyone)
CMU - Match
RIT- Safety
RPI- Match
BU- Safety-Match</p>

<p>cornell is still a reach??? even ED??? everyother one was probably what i wsa thinking... but is bu really a safety school?</p>

<p>thoughts on columbia too*</p>

<p>umm Cornell ED acceptance rate for the class of 2008 was about 44%...</p>

<p>wow, that's a shot in the ass</p>