Where should I apply?



<p>Haven't yet taken SATI but expect around 2000-2100
Will be taking SAT2 for Math 2 (expected 650-750), US History(expected 700+), and Bio E (expected 700+), Spanish (750+), maybe English Lit (expected 700+)
ACT - First time 29 composite (took with flu), will retake for an expected 31-32
One AP test so far 4 on World Hist, will take another 4 this year, and 6 next year expecting all 4 and 5s
* GPA weighted: 4.45-4.55
* GPA unweighted: 3.65-3.75
* Rank or % estimate: expected 6-12 of approx 75</p>


<li>State or Country: Texas</li>
<li>School Type: Competitive Public with All-Magnet(GT) Top 100 (last quartile) HS by USNews</li>
<li>Ethnicity: Hispanic - Mexican-American</li>
<li><p>Gender: Male</p></li>
<li><p>Important ECs: will have about 250-300 volunteer hours, Varsity baseball (4 years, 2 years JV), CC Varsity 2 years, Debate 3 years with regional medals, Spanish Club 2 years, NHS 2 years, JCL 2 years. Expect 1 more officer spot on those listed above, 1 already in debate. Some high-school awards, will receive National Hispanic Recognition on PSAT. Summer Program of Nanotechnology at Rice for minorities.</p></li>

<p>Other Factors: Income of about 100-140K</p>

<p>So I sort of need some help. Although I've been searching through some colleges I want a more personal feel for it by receiving your feedback. A lot of this info is just estimated but it is very reasonable. Only important stuff listed but if any questions ask and I'll add more. Please list some colleges that you believe are safeties/matches/reaches. </p>

<p>Interested in small, yet national North East universities but I'll keep an open mind.
So far for my reaches I like Georgetown(1st choice), Brown, U of Chicago, Rice, MIT, and Columbia.
Don't know too much about LACs</p>

<p>Thanks in advance</p>





<p>try to get your SAT up for the ivies you mentioned.</p>

<p>otherwise youre in great shape. aim for top10-20</p>

<p>LACs are characterized by two things:
1) focus on undergraduate education (no graduate students or programs)
2) liberal arts curriculum (vs. pre-professional or technical-so very few have business or engineering majors)</p>

<p>LACs are small (under 3,000 students), and often, but not always, in non-urban locations. The top LACs in the Northeast would welcome you and many would offer generous financial aide because Hispanic students are in short supply there.</p>

<p>In deciding between LACs and private mid-sized universities consider the importance of the following factors:</p>

<p>1) a nuturing environment where everyone knows your name (and business) vs. variety, breadth and depth in many areas (but impersonal, esp. in the early years.
2) availability of personal relationships with and guidence from the faculty vs. more research opportunities, big name profs, more access to grad level courses and mentoring from grad students
3) a very tight alumni group that supports their own but with less reach due to smaller size vs. a huge alumni group with a wider network to tap into but may be less supportive</p>

<p>Someone else can fill out this list, but you know best what's important to you. I have one kid in a LAC for whom it's perfect. My second won't be at a LAC because she's needs something different.</p>

<p>^ I agree. LACs can be a great option. You can go through the US News and World Report ranking and see for yourself. Whatever suits you!</p>

<p>By the way, your stats aren't good enough for Brown, U of Chicago, MIT, and Columbia. You could look for other prestigious universities as reaches.</p>

<p>You're in good shape. Just try to bring your scores up.</p>

<p>Thanks M mom that helps a lot</p>

<p>^Ya I figured that those schools would be high-reaches especially after seeing the stats on this website.</p>

<p>Some important stuff I forgot:
-Part-time work as 2nd shooter and assistant (photography), which ties into my photography club and yearbook
-Fish Champ counselor last summer, this summer will be Head Counselor</p>

<p>I know application time is still a couple of months ahead but I really wanted to learn more about some possible matches and safeties (that sort of align with my criteria) as I don't really know whats in my range.</p>

<p>In what do you want to major?</p>

<p>If you are interested in nanotechnology (or engineering generally) and you are applying to MIT and Rice, I would definitely consider Stanford as well. As a URM, you will be sought after by many of the schools you are considering: Keep those grades up and practice for the SATs so you get the scores you need.</p>

<p>If you do decide to go the LAC route, Dartmouth and Swarthmore are the two top LACs in NE that offer engineering and they are both excellent schools. If engineering isn't your interest, then the range of choices increases.</p>

<p>Cornell, JHU, northwestern</p>

<p>Yes I am actually interested in engineering. Maybe chem, bio, biomed, or nano. Although I do like international relations if I got into sfs at gtown. I know my projected sat is relatively low but I will try to do btr by studying. Thank you everybody for your input so far.</p>

<p>Did you look at Tufts University in MA? If you decide against engineering, they have a very good international relations program.</p>

<p>ggarcia, if BME, engineer, and/or International relations are your thing, JHU is the #1 school for you.</p>

<h1>1 BME program in the country</h1>

<p>and ranked #1 International Relations in 2005, and regularly ranked along with Princeton, Tufts, Georgetown, and Columbia for Top International Relations programs for Undergrad.
Bio-engineering is top notch there as well. +, it is within 45 min from DC and has Baltimore for you to explore as well.</p>

<p>also, the undergraduate student body is fairly small. There are less than 5000 undegrads on the Homewood campus, meaning more teacher-to-student interaction available. + JHU is #1 for research and around 80% of the undergrads on campus do some form of research in their time there.</p>

<p>Your status as an URM will make you more desirable than you otherwise will be given your scores. If I'm reading your post correctly, your income appears high so you will not need much financial aid. Your prospects for most of your listed schools, with the exception of MIT, look good.</p>

<p>Wow thanks guys I feel a bit encouraged
Great I'll take Tufts into consideration too then
Had heard abut JHU but didn't know much about it. Cool, thx.
Ya the financial aid sucks but maybe i can get some merit aid :)</p>

<p>Bump it up</p>

<p>What are some safety schools for the OP? (And me... since I have roughly the same stats.)</p>

<p>Columbia is NOT small.</p>

<p>Hmm I was undercutting my unweighted gpa should be min 3.7 max 3.8 though weighted is correct. Any match/safeties sugestions?</p>