Where should I apply?

<p>Year: Senior
Residency: Virginia, but my father lives in Massachusetts
GPA: 3.945
Rank: about 126/500
SAT I: 640V 620M; 670V 650M
AP's: French Language 5; US History 4</p>

<p>Last year I took:
AP French Lang.
AP US History
Honors English 11
Honors Chem.
Honors Algebra II
Spanish III</p>

<p>I'm currently taking:
AP Gov't.
AP English
Honors Physics
Honors Trig.
Honors Spanish IV

<p>I skipped French II and Spanish I and II and when to the Governor's French Academy of Virginia after my sophomore year. I'm really interested in languages/linguistics, but I do want a broad education; I don't want to limit my options.
I'm treasurer of the JSA, I've done other activities including track and volleyball. I work about 20-25 hrs/wk. Worked 40+ hrs during summer. </p>

<p>I might get a C in trig this nine weeks, I hope to bring it up to a B for the semester at least.</p>

<p>I'm interested in UMass Amerst, William and Mary, maybe UVA, not sure what else and I'm unsure of my chances. </p>


<p>I am a Mom of a senior who has applied ED to William and Mary. Also, I went to UMass-Amherst, of course, many years ago! They are very different schools even though they are both pubic schools. I don't mean that one is better, although I believe Wm & Mary's rep might be better. UMass actually offers a great deal, if you are self-motivated and know how to find what you want. Do you know what you want to study? What do you like about UMass, if you have visited it?</p>

<p>Oh, I meant to add that you appear to have good credentials for UMass-Amherst. I am not sure about Wm & Mary - maybe others can comment on that. What have you looked at in the Boston area???</p>

<p>Dickinson College would be worth investigating.</p>

<p>Just a few suggestions:</p>

<p>Trinity C
Whitman C
Furman U
Lewis & Clark C
Connecticut C
DePauw U
Denison U
Case Western

<p>Hope this helps some.</p>

<p>Also, since you're in VA, look at James Madison. You can also look at George Washington in DC.</p>

<p>Might look at Holy Cross-1 hour from Boston or Trinity College.</p>

<p>Some other suggestions are: Kalamazoo, Concordia, Lawrence, Rhodes, U of the South, Tulane, Emory and Henry, Central (IA), Indiana, Wittenberg.</p>