Where should I be looking?

<p>Hey, I'm an Indian male applying from New Jersey (help me). I haven't decided on regular decision BA/MD programs to apply to. Which do you think match me? Here are my stats:</p>

<p><strong>STATS</strong>_ </p>


1480(730M 750V) - first try
1560(800M 760V) - second try</p>

Bio - 770
Chem - 720
Physics - 730 (retook Oct)
MathIIC - 760
Writing - 630 (only got 6 wrong, forgot to do last 10 questions - retook Oct) </p>

Bio - 5
Chem - 5
Physics C Mech - 5
Calc BC - 5 (AB Subscore: 5)
Statistics - 5
CompSci AB- 3 </p>


8/~540 (3%ish)
weighted 4.7 out of 4.6
highly competitive magnet program </p>


-Summer 2003: Microbiology research (unpublished paper)
-Summer 2004: Tuberculosis research (abstract and presentation)
-Spring 2004: SAT Tutor
-Member of professional rock band (play all over tri-state area) - sax, vocals, guitar (<a href="http://www.upperhandnj.com%5B/url%5D"&gt;www.upperhandnj.com&lt;/a&gt;)&lt;/p>


-Studnet Council President - 12
-Superintendent's Advisory Committee - 12
-Junior Statesment of America (NJR Cabinet - 12)
-JV Tennis(9); Varsity Tennis(10-12)
-13 years classical piano (7 grades of Trinity College of London of Music)
-AllShore Jazz Band (select jazz group)
-represent school at Leadership Conference
-many hours volunteering at hospital </p>


-Entered Siemens Westinghouse competition ---awaiting results
-National Merit Semifinalist
-nominated for US Senate Youth Program from school
-4 year Scholar Athlete
-1 of two chosen to participate in NCTE Writing Competition
-member of 2nd place winning math team
-Accepted to Columbia Univ SHP
-others ack can't really remember </p>


-Pretty good writer: essays shouldn't be too bad
-Recs are really good</p>


<p>What do you guys think? Can someone give me a list of BA/MD programs that match my profile?</p>

<p>Rice and Brown might be a reach but if you have time it doesn't hurt to apply. Boston University and Case Western Reserve seem perfect for your stats. Also if you want some "saftey programs" you are more than qualified for University of Miami's program and then their is University of Kansas-Missouri's program- nice "saftey ones." Good luck!</p>

<p>What about Northwestern HPME?</p>

<p>it's also a reach, but it doesn't hurt to apply.</p>

<p>whoa!! 1560SAT and like all 5 APs...that's a reach for Rice/baylor and Northwestern??</p>

<p>uhoh. haha well good luck streetlight! :)</p>

<p>The most selective programs are reaches no matter who you are or what your stats are. That said, someone has to get in, and you should try not to avoid applying to programs solely because you doubt that you'll get in.</p>

<p>The BA/MD programs I'll be applying to are NU HPME, PSU, GWU, TCNJ (instate), BU, and RPI</p>

<p>jenskate1-- that is totally true what you said!! and i saw in some other thread you are at rice/baylor. that is soo awesome and I hope you're having a great time!!! :)</p>

<p>hey streetlight!!
Just curious, i recognize some of the abbreviations but not others...what do they stand for?? haha sorry if that's really stupid!! </p>

<p>but good luck!!! i think you have a really really good chance!!! :)</p>

<p>NU HPME = Northwestern University Honors Program in Medical Education
PSU = Penn State University
GWU = George Washington University
TCNJ = The College of New Jersey
BU = Boston University
RPI = Renessaeler (spelling?) Polytechnic Institute</p>

<p>All have soem sort of combined med program</p>