Where should I ED?


  • international student
  • India
  • International highschool

Intended Major(s)

GPA, Rank, and Test Scores

  • 8A* in IGCSE
    Giving A levels
  • Class Rank: class does not rank but first i think
  • ACT/SAT Scores: 1500 will retake this august

Physics, chemistry, maths, bio, economics, English, Hindi, and geography in IGCSE
In A levels: Physics, chemistry, math, economics and EPQ
Silver medal in American math olympiad with 12th rank in my country

Hummingbird science olympiad zonal topper with 18th country rank

Interschool chess competition gold medalist

Came first in a country-level competition where we had to make a video on technology awareness

Physics blog with 50k+ views
senior physics editor at young scientists journal
published in many science magazines like zme science etc was paid too
doing my own research right now. on space junk
Volunteered at a hospital for free
A lot of tutoring. I also took on a project where we taught people numbers and alphabets to people who had no education.
school head boy
stem club president and school magazine editor

*Will ask my physics teacher. We talk like hours on the beauty of physics really frequently and my English teacher (she has taught me for 5+ years)

Cost Constraints / Budget
Need full aid

I was thinking of applying to Dartmouth ed but I do not know if i am a fit for it. What do you guys suggest? Where should I ed?

For hot schools for physics, look into Pomona and Hamilton , which have graduated multiple students who have received recognition by the American Physical Society (APS) as Apker recipients/finalists (the highest award in the nation for undergraduate research in physics) in recent years. Additionally, a Hamilton professor was recognized recently by the APS for his contributions to the field of physics (in fundamental neutron physics) and his mentoring of students. Williams, whose graduates have received more Apker Awards than those from any other school of its type, should be considered as well. Reed, which maintains a nuclear reactor on campus for research, Haverford, Bowdoin and Wesleyan also may be of interest. Grinnell, which enrolls an especially high percentage of international students, and at which your chances would be higher than at most of the other schools listed, should be researched as well.


Why Dartmouth? What about it do you like? I’m not saying it’s a bad choice, but given everything you wrote, the suggestion of Dartmouth came out of nowhere. It’s in a remote area with very cold winters. Social life revolves around fraternities and outdoor pursuits like hiking and skiing. I don’t think it’s particularly known for physics but I could be wrong.


Why do you need to apply ED at all? Also, if you aren’t sure a college is a good fit for you, I would not suggest applying ED.

You need full funding as an international student. I can tell you that your financial aid awards have the potential to vary by many thousands of dollars even from schools that guarantee to meet full need for all international students AND are need blind for admissions, as Dartmouth and five other colleges are.

If you apply ED, you won’t have the ability to compare net costs after receiving multiple (hopefully) acceptances and financial aid awards.

Some of colleges @merc81 noted above are need aware for international students and/or have limited aid for international students. Since you need full funding, you need to check each college website for how they fund international student financial need.

Here is what Hamilton says:

“ Although Hamilton has one of the most generous international financial aid programs in the U.S., the College is not need-blind in admission for non U.S. citizens. This means that a family’s ability to pay may be a factor in the admission decision for international candidates and, therefore, it is in applicants’ best interest to be honest about the amount their family is able to contribute to a Hamilton education. Failure to do so may jeopardize a student’s chance for admission to Hamilton.”

Here is what Wesleyan writes:

“ Wesleyan and US federally sponsored financial aid are available to US citizens and permanent residents. Financial aid for non-US citizens or permanent residents, however, is extremely limited and is awarded on the basis of both exceptional qualifications and demonstrated need. We expect to offer financial assistance to approximately 30 international citizens from a pool of approximately 1100 international applicants applying for financial aid. The full financial need of all undergraduate students, as determined by the Office of Financial Aid, is met with a combination of loans, part-time employment, and grants. No financial aid is available for international transfer students.”


Thankyou so much!!! So if you were me and had stats and EC like me, where would you consider to ED?

Dartmouth because I have always studied at a small school and I really liked that. I do not want to go to a large university situated in a city. Also yea, its not very famous for physics but its still top 30

Think of the things OTHER than rankings. Do you love the outdoors? Do you love WINTER (and I mean cold and snowy winter). Dartmouth is a terrific school, and yes, they do run a bus to Boston…but it’s not exactly around the corner. Hanover is a very charming, but small, college town.

Is this what you want to do for four years.

I want to ED because one’s chances of getting in are very high and I feel my stats and EC are not exceptional so the chances of getting in in RD are slim so that’s why.

Yea, I didn’t really choose Dartmouth because of its ranking. I chose it because they are need-blind and many students from my school have got in Dartmouth in the past too. Also, I would really want to go to a town. Maybe that’s how I am. I would choose Hanover over Dartmouth but the winter is something to consider. But honestly, if I could get anywhere with good aid, I would not care about the climate. I just want to get away from this country.

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There is a bump in the ED acceptance rate, but it’s not as high as it seems once you remove all the recruited athletes, legacies, Questbridge, and other hooked candidates that apply in ED.

You should apply ED if Dartmouth is your first choice college, but just know that for an international needing full aid your chances in ED are still likely in the low single digits.

I know you want to leave India, but do you have an affordable safety school there? Are you considering applying to EU or UK schools?


Dartmouth is need blind for admissions….BUT their acceptance rate is still VERY low. In addition, you are from India and your application for admission will be reviewed alongside of all the other highly qualified students who apply from your region. Really, the ED bump isn’t that huge.


It sounds like you’ve thought it through. It’s good good to know that others from your school have gone to Dartmouth. It means they are familiar with your school and the quality of students. I think it’s a good choice for you to ED there.


Man, I am confused now. I looked at hamilton since people recommended and its good too…idk what to do. I am so lost…

Hamilton has less than 1/2 the number of students as Dartmouth, has fewer internationals (both % and absolute numbers), and is need aware for internationals. Perhaps consider Dartmouth for ED, and Hamilton ED2? There are many LACs like Hamilton that also have ED2.


You might have a better shot at some of the LACs as an international with such an impressive record. Many are still trying to diversify their student bodies whereas coming from India is going to be more competitive for you vs even ORMs at Ivies. If aid is a must, make sure you know the school’s policy on whether it meets full need for internationals (with few exceptions they will be need aware for admissions) and run the NPC if it works for internationals. If the NPC doesn’t work, try calling/emailing the FA office to see if they will help ballpark it for you. You could still give ED a shot at Dartmouth if you have a backup ED2 at LACs that offer that.

To me, since you need full aid, you should not apply ED - or you will likely have to break your agreement and not come.

You need full aid - but have you done a net price calculator? What you say and what the school may say are different.

As it is, even if you qualify, because you are international, if you ED and you shouldn’t necessarily, but it would have to be at a school that meets demonstrated need for international. No where else.

This source is 2018 so it may not be current but per Forbes magazine only these schools will meet full need for international:

Harvard, Yale, Princeton, MIT, and Amherst

So seems Amherst of those would be your choice or maybe Princeton.

Dartmouth is need blind for admissions - but that does not mean they meet need (can’t find on their website if they now do). That is not a school for you to ED if they don’t.

Good luck.

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Dartmouth is need blind for internationals (new for class of 2026), and does meet full need for all students.



Dartmouth is need blind and meets full need for internationals.

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Thanks for correcting me and the link.

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I second Amherst college. They fully fund internationals. They are a small LAC in a cute little town, but they have the resources of the 5 college consortium, including UMass right next door which has a Physics grad dep’t, and so will have research and equipment.

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