Where should I go to buy clothes?

<p>I'm 22 fresh out of college about to start a new job, and I need new professional and casual clothes. Im tossing out all the american eagle, anything that doesn't fit, or is just really old, etc. I'm 6"3 185, pretty tall and thin so fit can be an issue especially at department stores with their "big and tall" sections. Here's my plan so far:</p>

<p>-Macy's: pillage the ralph lauren section any time there's a big sale. $75 is kind of stiff for a polo, but Ive gotten a few marked down to $40. I also buy my levi's here.</p>

<p>-Dillard's: a little more expensive than macy's. Their daniel cremieux store brand stuff Ive had pretty good luck with for jeans, khaki shorts, etc. </p>

<p>-J Crew: good preppy-minimalist styles, no douchy logos. Kind of expensive though.</p>

<p>-Gap: More affordable than J Crew and has a lot of good stuff</p>

<p>-Express: Some people dont like this place. It does have some lower quality stuff and some trendy stuff that will be out a season from now, but I like this place when Im on a budget. You can stack deals and get some really nice savings. For instance a couple weeks ago they did buy one polo get 1 50% off and I had a coupon for $15 off so I ended up getting 2 polos for $35. My money goes further here than at J Crew. Some of their sport shirts and dress shirts wrinkle really easily though, and are a pain in the ass to maintain. </p>

<p>What else should be on my list? I'm from Texas btw, so dont waste time making a bunch of recommendations for winter clothes.</p>

<p>I'm in a similar position. I'm 22 as well and graduating in december. I recently went through my wardrobe and threw out all of my juvenile looking clothes and bought some grown up one's.</p>

<p>I like all of the stores that you mentioned. I'm partial to polos, though, especially ralph lauren. I like express for their cheap dress pants and (sometimes) their jeans. Although most of their washes are too weird for me.</p>

<p>If you're a tall guy and you wear plain t-shirts, check out the urban outfitters BDG line of shirts. They make really good cheap plain shirts, which are mostly what I wear nowadays. I don't know what the weather's like in texas, but you could look into leather coats. I recently bought one.</p>

<p>You can also find some nice stuff at stores like guess and kenneth cole if you sift through the trendy garbage.</p>

<p>Well, if you're looking for more reasonable prices (and trendy clothing), I'd recommend H&M if you have one nearby. Where I buy the majority of my clothes. GAP is way too expensive (and frankly boring) for me. Express occasionally has good clearance items but outside of that is way too $$$ for me.</p>

<p>I actually dont have one, even though Dallas usually has everything. Im visiting chicago in a couple weeks tho, I'll have to check them out. You say they're pretty affordable?</p>

<p>How does everyone feel about express plastering that lion logo on all their stuff? The conventional wisdom seems to be that if you arent Ralph Lauren/Lacoste/Vineyard Vines/Brooks Brothers, dont use a logo. It may sound shallow, but nobody my age will wear AE/Hollister/Abercrombie because of the big annoying logos, so Im wondering if express is going to have the same problem.</p>

I actually dont have one, even though Dallas usually has everything. Im visiting chicago in a couple weeks tho, I'll have to check them out. You say they're pretty affordable?


<p>they can be affordable or expensive. Wilson's leather for example has some cheaper one's, but I got mine at Hugo Boss so it was a bit pricey. I looked for a long time to find one I actually liked though.</p>

<p>and I won't wear anything with logos. Kind of annoying because even banana republic spams their logo on everything now.</p>