Where Should I go to School?

<p>I've always wanted to go into medicine and become a doctor, it's my lifetime goal. That said, I've done everything i can to get involved with medicine. I've joined a nationwide health based club HOSA (health occupational students of America) I'm the state representative for this club. I've taken numerous science classes, AP Bio, CP Chem, Anatomy & Physiology and I'm a certified EMT (emergency medical technician) and CNA (certified Nursing Assistant). I want to go to a school like the University of Washington, because of its premedical program.
My gpa is 3.4 cumulative trending upward my last two years (3.8 junior, senior year is in progress)
My test score's aren't the greatest, but I'm going to do everything i can to improve them (I didn't study the first time around so hopefully with some dedicated hours i can get to around 28 and 1800)
ACT 24
SAT 1600
Because of my low scores it'll be hard to get into a great school but i need a decent one that'll allow me the best chance to make it to med school. I'm very passionate about joining the medical field, my EC's display that (I don't have them posted here; I didn't want to post too much).
With that being said my dream school at the moment is the UDub, but where else should i apply? Any responses will be greatly appreciated.</p>

<p>You can be pre-med practically anywhere, and med school admission depends way more on your gpa than where you went undergrad. Choose a school that will prepare you well AND allow you to stand out from your peers. </p>

<p>Should also mention that unless you can find a way to improve your standardized test-taking, med school will be a longshot. But there are many health- related fields that you might be satisfied with. Good luck!</p>