Where should I go; Will advise back

<p>Alright, i'm a freshman at my current college (North Central) and i'm really unhappy here. The social life isn't what i'm thought, i'm bored in most of my classes, it's just not what I want. Maybe it's because i'm a commuter. I'm sorry if there's anyone here who's from there, it's just how it is for me right now. Anyway, I was thinking of trying to transfer to these colleges: (Any other suggestions would be wonderful)</p>

<p>Notre Dame
IU @ Bloomington
Xavier University</p>

<p>I went to a private Catholic Highschool and ended up with a 2.5
I'm white, Catholic girl (If that helps at all :P)
I got a 27 on the ACT, (28 on math, 28 on English, 27 on reading, 26 on Science) (On another I ended up with a 30 in reading.)
As of now, I have about a 3.2 (I believe)
I have about 150+ service hours
I've played piano for 10 years
I've taken singing lessons and can sing well, apparently.
I've had a job for a few months, working as a hostess at a high-class restaurant.
I just really want to go to a different school. I'm not happy here, and maybe living on campus would help. As of now, I live about ten minutes on campus and it'd be a waste for my parents to pay the extra 3k dollars. I've always considered to going to one of the above schools. Suggestions of other schools are welcome and appreciated.
Thanks so much.</p>

<p>Xavier - in
Indiana - in
Notre dame - High reach</p>

<p>Thanks; Any suggestions of other colleges? Thanks btw</p>