Where should I go??

<p>Well I live in Florida. I'm really into art history and I want to go to a liberal arts college or a university with a solid liberal arts curriculum. </p>

<p>I've already applied to Florida State, City College of New York and UF (although now I really don't want to go there). So far my top choice is FSU, only because of their strong liberal arts department and scholarships. I would love to go out of state if I don't get into FSU, but only to northeastern states (especially New York, Mass. and Pennsylvania). Ok, so enough rambling, these are my stats.. please let me know where I have a chance and some other schools I should consider applying to. Thanks!</p>

<p>Intended major: Art History</p>

<p>Rank: 84/967 top 10%
Weighted GPA: 4.96
Unweighted: 3.72
SAT: 1240
ACT: 28</p>

Honors English A
Honors Algebra I B
Honors Earth Space A
AP World History A
Personal Fitness A
Dance Appreciation A</p>

Honors English A
Honors Geometry A
Honors Biology B
Life Management A
Dance Repetory II A
Spanish II A</p>

AP English Lang. B
Honors Algebra II A
Honors Chemistry A
AP American History A
Honors Dance Repetory III A
Honors Spanish III A</p>

<p>11th Online Summer Courses:
AP Art History A
Honors Marine Biology A
Global Studies A
Business Technology A
Honors Pre-Calculus A</p>

<p>12th (currently):
AP English Lit.
AP Calculus AB
AP Macro/Govt.
AP Psychology
AP Environmental Science
Honors Physics</p>

<p>12th Current Online Courses:
Spanish I (technically I never took level 1, so easy A)
Fitness Lifestyle Design
Introduction to Latin
Web Design</p>

<p>Extracurricular Activities:</p>

<p>Miami Killian Cougarettes (colorguard and dance team):
Head Property Manager- 2006-2007
FBA Auxiliary Champions- 2006-2007
Section of the Year Award- 2006-2007
Active member- 2005-2007</p>

<p>Miami Killian Marching Cougar Band (MCB):
Active member- 2005-2007</p>

<p>Honor Societies and Clubs:</p>

<p>National Honor Society:
Treasurer- 2005-2006
Head Event Organizer- 2007-present
Active member- 2004-present</p>

<p>Science Honor Society:<br>
Assistant Coordinator of the Science Fair Committee- 2004-2005
Head Coordinator of the Science Fair Committee- 2005-2007
Secretary- 2007-present
Active member- 2004-present</p>

<p>English Honor Society:
Book-Drive Assistant Coordinator- 2005-present
Active member- 2005-present</p>

<p>Mu Alpha Theta:
Active member- 2005-present</p>

<p>Social Studies Honor Society:
Active member- 2006-present</p>

<p>Astronomy Club:
Founder and Club President- 2006-present
Active member- 2006-present</p>

<p>Meditation Club:
Active member- 2006-present</p>

<p>Book Club:
Book-Drive Assistant Coordinator- 2005-present
Active member- 2004-present </p>

<p>Art Club:
Active member- 2007-present</p>

<p>G.S.A Club:
Meeting Coordinator- 2006-2007
Secretary- 2007-present
Active member- 2006-present</p>

<p>Film Club:
Director of Student-Produced Films- 2006-2007
Active member- 2005-present </p>

<p>The Beautiful People Club:<br>
Co-Founder and Club Vice-President- 2006-2007
Killian’s 1ST Annual Spring Fashion Show Coordinator- January 2007 thru May 2007
Active member- 2006-present</p>

<p>Spanish Club:
Spanish Dance Group Participant at Killian’s Annual Cougar Growl- 2005-2006
Active member- 2005-2007</p>

<p>Psychology Club:
Vice-President- 2007-present</p>

<p>Community Activities:</p>

<p>Boys and Girls Clubs of America:
Junior Staff- Summer of 2004-2006
Field Trip Chaperone- Summer of 2004-2006
Editor of Boys and Girls Club Weekly Newspaper- Summer of 2004-2005</p>

<p>Miami Children’s Hospital:
Bedside Buddies Summer Volunteer- 2006-present </p>

<p>Work Experience:</p>

<p>The Cereal Bowl
Coral Gables, Florida

<p>great art schools or universities with strong liberal arts would be terrific!</p>

<p>Case Western and Boston U have good programs. NYU and Tufts would be reaches but still worth consideration. Although you're looking for NE schools, Emory would be a very good reach. Bard, Connecticut College, Kenyon, Oberlin, Vassar, and Wesleyan are LACs with good art history programs.</p>