Where should I go?

for the moment, I got in to Umich , Northwestern, Case Western , Brandeis and U Maryland… still waiting on about 10 other schools… so far i narrowed my choice down to Umich or Northwestern (the other 10 im waiting for are mostly less good , except for 3 ivys) . My preference is for a medium sized good school in a nice setting with good academics/prestige etc… my feeling so far is that northwestern is the better of the two , but i have this gut feeling that northwestern is a very serious school as in not much school spirit etc… whereas Umich i get the feeling that its really a nice fun yet pretty serious school. Am i wrong?
btw im interested in studying business/economics/finance or history or physics.
Any comments that would help me make a choice would be greatly appreciated…

<p>if you want great prestige and a medium sized school........Northwestern is a no brainer.</p>

<p>to a degree I think you're right though. There's a good chance you'd have more fun at Michigan, and there's probably more school spirit. (which is probably still down from Texas beating them in the Rose Bowl ;) )</p>

<p>Anyway, you said your main factors were medium sized and academics. Michigan is considered large, and although it's academics are fantastic (don't get me wrong) it can not match up to Northwestern. Your Northwestern degree will look much more impressive, and you'll be challenged all four years</p>

<p>ok but is northwestern really dead ? especially since they work under quarter system not semester... also, in terms of business/ economics how are they? i know umich has undergraduate business, NW doesnt...
but i guess it wouldnt be such a good school if it was totally "dead"...</p>

<p>anybody want to add anything????</p>

<p>I already asked someone else this question on a seperate thread, but go48, how were you already notified of your admission to Northwestern? I have yet to receive anything from them and I'm getting worried (considering that people have already heard from them) =/</p>

<p>pls give me the link to the other thread... i got letter monday from NW ... part of the privileges of being an international lol</p>

<p>one word northwestern</p>

<p>thks but why?</p>

<p>add 4 to the list :)
Boston U , Emory and George Washington and U of Indiana!! I cant believe i got into somemany places already... which also means i cant decide where to go lol! help!</p>

<p>FBI Witness protection program?</p>

<p>hmm.. suspicious, lol</p>

<p>U of M is an awesome school.. it's definitely fun (lots of school spirit and stuff to do in ann arbor) and like northwestern, the business school is really great... I think the only reason it seems like northwestern doesn't have much school spirit is because their teams aren't really in the news as much as michigan's teams are (ie football).
I don't think you'll regret choosing either school, as they're both amazing and have everything you're looking for.</p>

<p>final list:
UMich, Umaryland, GWU, JHU, Emory, NYU CAS, Brandeis, BU, Tufts, Northwestern, Case Wetern, Penn state.
narrowed it down to northwestern, nyu, jhu, NU being first choice at the moment.. whats best considering i want to do econ/business?</p>


<p>everybody disapeared lol...</p>

<p>NYU Stern Business > all</p>

<p>Don't goto UMaryland (or any other school in Maryland) if you have allergies! But other than that, UMaryland is a very beautiful campus. I used to live across the street from the school and frequent the place with my friends. The place is the best. True, it may be a rather large school, but it is not at all crowded like most public schools. It is located in a very suburban setting with plenty of extra space and greenery. I used to go there every fourth of July to watch their fireworks show. I don't know much about their business programs, though, but Maryland definitely ranks high on my list as one of the most beautiful and culturally rich campuses.</p>

<p>mypetmuffin, im in at NYU CAS not Stern... but do you know if I can transfer now to stern or only after a year at CAS ?? (should have applied to stern in the first place... just didnt think i had a chance..)</p>

<p>NU is definitely not dead. A friend of mine is at Medill and is having the best time of her life. Socially and academically, she says it is all she could ask for.</p>

<p>Columbia University the master school</p>

<p>geniuses and ivy leaguers excel there</p>