Where should I go?

<p>I was offered a full ride to tcnj and I am going to attend my umdnj interview soon for the 7-year med program. I am thinking about majoring in either econ., BME, bio, or biochem. Ok, so I got into rutgers, georgiatech, caltech, ucsd and ucla (those weird likely letters), w/e w/e... why should I choose tcnj over these schools?</p>

<p>Thoughts and feedback would be awesome!</p>

<p>i'm in the same predicament right now too...i'm really having trouble now deciding between tcnj and ohio state...</p>

<p>in tcnj's favor, though, over those others is their strong bio program...its one of the best around...and it doesn't hurt that they gave you a full-ride(money can be very enticing)</p>

<p>The med program is considered ivy quality.. Plus the full ride will help because 7 years at any of those other schools will be big bucks.. The fact that they gave you a full ride shows how much they respect you and want you to come.. let us know what you choose</p>