Where should i go?!!?!?!

<p>Heyyy guys! I am new to these boards and this is my first post. I would like to know what y'all think about where I should go next year. I graduated from a catholic high school in 2003 with an average GPA around 2.8. I ended up getting an 1160 on the SATS with a 620 in English and 540 in Math. After high school I spent my first year at Framingham State College. It was a disaster! lol. Between my rooming situation and the shock of being away from home- "oh, class really isn't THAT important!"- I ended up doing awful! My first semester I ended with a 1.8! I brought it up a little bit the second semester and decided to transfer to UMass Lowell this fall. Thankfully for me my GPA did not transfer and only the credits. I took two classes this summer and worked very hard. I ended up getting an A and a B and now I have a 3.5 GPA. This semester I have also been working very hard and have all A's- so far. I am pretty sure though, through a lot of hard work, I will be able to finish with all A's both semesters. If I am able to do it, I will end the year with a 3.95. Even, if I don't get all A's and get a couple B's then I still will have a pretty high GPA. I am looking to find another school next year...yes, yes transferring again! I like UMass but am looking for something more of a "college experience". I feel that both the schools I have gone to have been commuter schools. I am looking for more maybe something like Providence College or St. Anselm. I would also like to try for maybe BU, but I am not sure if that is an extreme reach. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks for your help girls and boys!</p>

<p>C'mon peeeoppple i need youuuuuuu</p>

<p>Okay, what do you think about these schools : St. Anselms, Assumption, BU, Salve Regina...BC? too much of a reach? Tufts, Providence or NYU? what do you think? Brown? EXTREME REACH? AM I DREAMING? come on peeps help me out!!</p>

<p>Give us more info besides gpa...leadership skills, ec's, paid/upaid jobs, volunteer services, clubs, comptetitions etc.? Have you looked into LAC's in the northeast? Small, real college experience? Do you have a state-preference? We need more details here than just gpa :-)</p>

<p>Thank you Helen for responding! In highschool I had a GPA of only 2.8 and I only got an 1160 (620 verbal and 540 math) on the SATS. I am kind of hoping that admissions could look beyond my SATS because compared to everyone else on here, i'm reallyyy low. lol. In HS I was on student government as a class representative, I was on prom committee, yearbook, varsity swimming and volleyball. At the moment I am teaching 6th grade religion. I have had a job as a waitress/hostess at a family restaurant for the past four years working their part time. I also worked as a nanny for a few children this summer. By the end of this year I will have 51 credits completed including difficult classes in Physics and English Literature at the 300 level.
I haven't really looked into many small LAC in the northeast, that is kind of why I am on here to find out where I have a chance and to see what schools may be right for me. I'd basically like to stay on the East Coast. I am really unsure about what kind of schools I have a shot at, because the schools I applied to out of HS may not be the right schools for me now.</p>

<pre><code> Also, I had a reaaaaaaaaaaaalllyy bad freshman year at Framingham. Will that matter?

<li>Helppp*=) ..i kno i'm being annoying right now..lol wat about tufts? think I have a chance there or no way?</li>

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<p>look, your SAT is just simply too low for tufts or brown or bc. Your high school stats will be considered as well, and they are not good enough for those schools. I don't think schools of that calibur will look past that considering that they don't admit a high percentage of transfers, and the ones they do admit have high scores AND a high college GPA. Plus, since you changed colleges already, your college extracurriculars must be fragmented. Your college GPA is good though. You have a good chance at BU, but that is not what many would call the "traditional college setting" (no campus). I think you're on the right track with PC and St. Anslem. What about Stonehill or Roger Williams?</p>

<p>thanx ay_caramba. Finally a response! lol..Thanks for the insightful comments. I'm still thinking of applying to Tufts (maybe setting up an meeting with admissions or something, I'd really like to go there). It stinks now looking back and realizing what I could have done in HS but didn't do out of sheer laziness. lol. Anways, PC and St. Anslem are both good schools I am going to look into it more. Also, thanks for the idea about Stonehill I didn't think of that. I am also going to schedule a meeting at BU to check it out.
Thanks for your help and for someone finally replying!</p>

<p>1) Give them a good reason "why" you want to transfer. Write a good, heart-breaking essay on why you had such lousy freshman year...
2) Get involved now so you can put it on your transfer apps in Jan/Feb
3) Write about your experience with kids and how that ties to your future profession and/or major
4) Look at: Bryn Mawr College, Colby College, Colgate University, Macalester College, Smith College, Bates College, Barnard, Williams & others...do some research online... be creative with internet, it is such a great tool for finding answers! Good luck!

<p>PS. I was accepted to Cornell for Fall 2004 [as a transfer from community college]. I could not go b/c they gave me zero aid but still was an acomplishment for me. Everything is possible! :-)</p>

<p>Helen of troy, thank you sooo much! I really really appreciate the advice and will take it to heart. I am sorry about Cornell, that is awesome though to just have been accepted. Good luck and God bless.</p>