Where should I improve for a Possibility at Emory for Pre-med?

GPA: 3.78/4.00

SAT: 1400/1600 (Will be retaking it as soon as possible. Have been getting consistent high 1500s in practice tests)

ACT: 31

AP: 3 - Bio, Chemistry, World History
4 - Psychology, Computer Science A, US History, Calculus AB
5 - Language
Senior Year - Physics 1, Calculus BC, Statistics, Macro/Micro - Economics, Literature, Spanish

ECs ( not rather impressive since bulk of them were supposed to be done in the absence of quarantine) : Neuroscience Certification from Coursera (From Duke)
: Shadowing Hours
: Volunteering at Life-Path Hospice
: AMC 12 (3rd in school)
: Mu Alpha Theta
: Art ( Personal Hobby)
: Google Code-in 2018

I’m a Highschool senior(upcoming) looking to follow the pre-med path. I did the first semester of my freshmen at GA, and visited CDC then. That’s when learnt about Emory and have been looking into it ever since. Now, it’s become one of my top priority colleges, and I would like to know where can I better my application to get into Emory.

Honestly, the first thing that I’d look to improve on are your stats. For GPA, the 25-75 range was around 3.80-4.00, with a median of 3.91. For ACT, the 25-75 range was a 32-35. For SAT, the 25-75 range was a 1420-1550. So while your stats are impressive, all three of them fall short of Emory’s usual range. I see you’ve provided your weighted GPA, which is great, but Emory does not consider those. They only use weighted GPAs.

Your extracurriculars look good but it’s hard to know what they’ll be looking for because of the pandemic.

You definitely have a good application in the works but your stats aren’t quite up to par for Emory. Improving your SAT score to what you said you’ve done on practice tests will help you.