Where should I look??

I am a rising senior and getting ready for application season. I have a 31 ACT score, 95.05 unweighted GPA, 750 World History Subject Test, 9 APs in high school + a variety of honors and dual enrollment, lots of extracurriculars. I want to major in biochemistry w/pre-med and minor in Italian. I have an idea of where I would like to apply, but I want some more ideas on where I should look. I also live in southern New York and would like to stay in the NE or mid-Atlantic region. I’m also curious about what big state schools in the NE give good merit aid for my stats because I would love the big school feel, but I fear that I won’t get enough money. I also see myself getting relatively good financial aid due to my family’s circumstances.

Some of my unsure schools are only there because I haven’t visited yet.

Definitely applying: Binghamton, Lehigh, Villanova, Middlebury, Holy Cross, Seton Hall
Reaches: Dartmouth, Columbia, Johns Hopkins, Boston College
Safety: Quinnipiac, St. Johns
Unsure: Brandeis, Lafayette, Stony Brook, Buffalo, Temple, Tufts, Union
Out of State State Schools: URI, Penn State, UMass

I would love some advice and just anything you could say regarding any of these schools! Thank you!