Where should I transfer

<p>Hey, I'm a freshmen at Maryland: College Park and I am looking to transfer. I am in the business school here and also in the fellows program. I wasn't ever really excited about coming here and I really am not liking the school after spending a month here. My brother goes to school in the south and loves it so I kinda wanna go somewhere south, but don't have to. Depending on my first semester grades will depend on where I can apply. I will probably get something around a 3.5. I am thinking about applying to UVA, UNC, Vanderbilt, Alabama, Wake Forest, Emory, Michigan and Cornell. I also play club lax here and wanna try and play wherever I go. Any ideas on whether I should transfer at all and where? I'm trying to find somewhere with good academics paired with a decent party scene and some good sports teams. Academics is my main priority though. I wanna double major in Finance and Poli Sci because I want to go to law school. Any other school suggestions or info about partying, club lax, or academics? Thanks</p>