Where the Heck Is My Summer Aid?

<p>I'm a junior transfer and am starting courses this summer beginning June 21st. However, I still haven't received any notice of whether or not, or how much, financial aid I will be receiving for the summer. Does anyone know when summer aid is issued? It's already the 5th so I'm starting to get worried. I still have to apply for housing and I can't until my aid is awarded. Any help would be great, thanks.</p>

<p>I think they post it like a week before, so sometime soon.</p>

<p>I'm only concerned because I can't find what the summer housing deadline is and I can't sign up for housing until my aid is posted. They won't just add the housing fee to my BAR like they do for unit fees. Do you know if there is a summer housing application deadline?</p>

<p>Did you remember to submit your summer financial aid application, and then confirm it about a month later when they asked you to confirm? </p>

<p>My summer aid notification was already posted a week ago.</p>

<p>my summer aid hasn't been posted either BUT on May 25 I received a notice asking for my last paycheck stub. My file has been listed as, "incomplete" until yesterday.. Now my.ucla says that everything has been received and my aid would be available in 3 - 5 days.</p>

Yes, I confirmed my application on May 5th! That's why I'm like what the hell is going on? Are you a transfer too? I talked to someone else who said they had already been awarded but they were a continuing student.</p>

Where are you checking in your myucla account? When I access myFAO it says that my Summer Session Aid Application has been "CONFIRMED" but it's been like that for awhile now. Also, I have not gotten a single notice regarding when I should be able to view my award details. Hopefully everything is kosher and, even though I haven't been notified, maybe all of our aid info will be released according to the same schedule.</p>

<p>you're not the only one with this concern. My thing says complete too and I submitted the confirmation application on May 1st as well.... still nothing while my friends already got their summer aid :(</p>

<p>I confirmed on May 4th, and I haven't received an offer yet.</p>

<p>Still waiting on mine too, you're not alone OP.</p>

<p>Uccasualty - yes your file has not been updated or looked over.. I had an update on my.ucla from financial aid. I clicked on the message.. :) </p>

<p>You can call & talk to your rep tomorrow.</p>

<p>June 11 i think..</p>

<p>Anyone hear any recent news on this issue?</p>

<p>no... i got my summer efan almost two weeks ago, but my bf (a transfer student) still hasn't recieved his. Hmm... did you call the office?</p>

<p>I went to the FA office today and they said they were dealing with an unprecedented volume of applications. It could be another 2-3 weeks. Apparently if you don't get an offer in time, you will get an extension on paying fees.</p>

<p>double you tee eff mate.</p>

<p>thanks for the update TCBH</p>

<p>No freakin' way!? Ugh. Calm down now... Must continue to be patient. However, if I don't get my aid before the 21st I don't know where I'm supposed to stay during summer session... =/ I hope it doesn't come down to that.</p>

<p>Uccasualty- I haven't received my aid either but with regards to where you will stay have you checked craigslist or the Ucla community housing board? or Uloop? I am looking for housing for Fall and the ads listed now are all mostly for summer.. The ads through these sites are all considerably less expensive versus living on campus in the halls.. </p>

<p>Good luck.</p>

<p>Hmm June 11th officially past and still nothing. Hope it gets here before next Friday before my bar account starts shootin blanks.</p>

<p>^I'm in the same boat...</p>

<p>When you call financial aid they said the 11th but still nothing. F-ing lame. </p>

<p>Is there anyone that got their aid for the summer?</p>

<p>My summer aid isn't up yet, either. Is it the same with all transfer students?</p>