Where to apply with high stats mediocre ecs

I am have high stats with a 1580 sat and 4.0 unweighted gpa. I have taken mostly honors/ap classes.
My problem is my ecs. My ecs are I am the student council treasurer. I am the key club treasure. I have done a lot of volunteering 800 hours in total. 250 of the volunteering hours were a program at the library helping disadvantaged kids learn to read.
I want to either be a bio or biochem major if that makes a difference. I have already applied to my state schools.

You can get some good merit aid at schools like Alabama, Arizona, New Mexico.

@highstatkid 800 volunteer hours seems like a lot to me! Maybe focus on how to best present that commitment in your apps?

Wash U, Vanderbilt and Case Western are a few schools that I know about that favor high stats. There are others. What kind of school are you drawn to? Size? Location? Student vibe? etc.

Vanderbilt, Notre Dame, Boston College.

We’d need to know more about that vol work. And do you have any activities that relate to STEM?

The fact some colleges like high stats does not mean they will ignore how you chose and managed ECs. To a holistic, those are indicative of ideas and energies. It’s the public schools that might focus more on academics and stats.