Where to apply?

<p>I am going to go into Business (not to sure what specifically)
What are some match/possible reach schools I should apply to.
I am planning on going to the University of Washington but I want options/backups.</p>

<p>White Male</p>

<p>3.97 UW GPA
1840/1280 SAT I (700 M, 580 CR, 560 W)</p>

<p>Credit Earned in 8th Grade</p>

<p>Concert Band


<p>Honors Eng
Honors SS
Physical Science
Concert Band
Alg I
Fitness/Life Issues</p>


<p>Honors Eng
Honors SS
Honors Bio
Alg 2
Business I
Spanish I</p>


<p>AP Eng/Comp
AP Psychology
Spanish II
Honors Chem
Business II</p>


<p>AP Gov
AP Calc
AP Lit
Business III
Spanish III

<p>3 Years Varsity Sport
Competed at state for DECA
Upper-management of a $50k/year student store
Miscellaneous Clubs (Leadership, NHS, Community Service)
Summer Job Experience
20+ hours community service campaigning for local political candidate</p>

<p>for deca, do you mean academic decathlon? if so, you're super. acadeca is definitely the best class you will ever take(but you already knew that)</p>

Univ of w. is good.
maybe try out carnegie mellon, syracuse, penn state, george washington univ, purdue u, boston u, UC Irvine, USC, UCLA, UCB, and NYU (as reaches), university of pennsylvania.</p>

<p>A lot of schools, so you can pick and choose. All are great with business, but some more than others.</p>

<p>Indiana, Purdue, Fordham, Syracuse, Miami (OH), Boston University, Northeastern, UPitt, PSU, Minnesota and Ohio State. Best of luck!</p>