Where to buy black formal shoes?

<p>CC is good at recommending stuff.</p>

<p>Can someone suggest a brand for some black loafers for internships/formal events?</p>

<p>I think just about anything works. Nothing that's shiny leather or tasseled and you're good to go. Unless you're a business major that is. Business majors are psychopaths when it comes to dress code...if you're not wearing a $5000 suit with a $1000 watch then you're doing it wrong.</p>

<p>What if you have a $6000 orange suit and a $1200 rolex watch and gator shoes?</p>

<p>Forgot to mention, that in addition to price if everything doesn't perfectly coordinate and be ultra-chic, you're also doing it wrong. Seriously...check out some business major forums on other sites....you'd think it was the end of the world if your tie had stripes when it should have squares.</p>

<p>Dont buy loafers ever go with a cap toe lace up.</p>

<p>lace-ups over loafers. Wait until you actually have a job before buying loafers.
Allen Edmonds- Park Avenue if money isn't an issue.
Johnson Murphy if money is tight.</p>

<p>Look for them at nordstrom's rack, outlet stores, ...</p>