Where to catch a nap on campus?

<p>Where do you guys sleep on campus if you need a quick nap and don't want to walk all the way back to your place?</p>

<p>I just went into a lecture hall @ Dwinelle today and sat in the back, definately did get a few minutes of sleep, maybe I'll try it again? How about the libraries? Any particularly good ones for getting that extra hour of sleep in between classes?</p>

<p>And did you know? Studies show that waking up early and getting an hour of sleep in the middle of the day significantly increases learning capability? Food for thought.</p>


<p>Morrison library. It's directly to your right one you enter Doe Library. Lots of comfy armchairs to take a nap in (although, did they start kicking out students who take naps? i heard a rumor about that). In any case, I took a nice two hour nap there once. Unfortunately, it closes by five, but it's good for napping between classes.</p>

<p>I usually take my mid-day naps in the Math library in Evans. They have some really nice leather chairs!</p>

<p>Ah yeah, lib @ VLSB looks really dope.</p>

<p>I go VLSB library...tried morrison...I got told off for messing on my phone and laptop (two separate times! :K) and the kid behind me got woken up...so yeah...but since it's comfy, try to sit with your back towards the counter, and prop up a book with your hands or something where they can see.</p>

<p>as a linguistics major I get to use the linguistics lounge :)</p>

<p>^ stop harping about that. ;P</p>

<p>Anyway, yes, it's not a rumour - Morrison staff now have the power to kick out people using laptops, and you're no longer allowed to sleep in there. The policy changed. Which to me, is a whole lot of bs.</p>

<p>I just go home after every class.</p>

<p>Morrison people will bug you if you're taking up a whole sofa or using electronics. Ugh.</p>

<p>I work in the library, so sometimes I nap in one of the staff lounges. Usually I prefer to just go home, though, much more comfy. I like the quiet ambience of the music library, I think there's a few sofas on the 2nd floor.</p>

<p>Maybe walk into a random class, listen to some boring lecture, and sleep in the back? The PFA theater room (which has some lectures) is especially sleep-inducing -- quality chairs, usually very dark.</p>

<p>where should i sleep if i snore loud?</p>

<p>^An obscure corner in the stacks 8D</p>

<p>haha you would probably get glared at in any library...idk if people would actually do anything about it (unless it's like morrison)</p>

<p>The engineering library has this really nice corner area with four super comfortable sofa-like chairs all sheltered away in the library and it's a great place to take a nap, since most of the people who are there are always sleeping.....</p>

<p>The East Asian Library. They have comfy, quality leather chairs facing a very boring view (very sleep-inducing, even when you're not tired). And they don't check ID, so no need to fumble your wallet for it. It's usually quiet too because people would GLARE at you if you talk aloud. And it's 3 stories (or was it 4?) so more chances of finding a nice sleeping spot. The library looks and feels very new, so no icky feeling of an old library setting.</p>

<p>Maybe Dailycal should get their staff to sleep through all the libraries and lounges and do a rating of where's the best place for a quick nap. Or easylife808 can try sleeping in all the different libraries and let us know!</p>

<p>Libraries, bro
asians</a> sleeping in the library</p>

<p>morrison can kick people out for sleeping now? that's kinda wack.</p>