where to draw the line with the search


<p>my sister is about to become a senior in high school and is starting the college search. she has a 32 act, a perfect gpa, has taken the hardest course load possible, and has reasonable ec's (also from an area considered appalachian, if that matters). how far up in the list of national universities should be draw the line? as in, how far up does she lose a reasonable chance at admission?</p>

<p>thanks for any comments!</p>

<p>She should reach as far up as she wants. She has a chance everywhere.</p>

<p>With her stats I don't see why she shouldn't go for whatever she wants. Ofcourse it's more reasonable to not apply majorily to just top 20 (or whatever) schools and not have any safeties she is ok with attending, but she should look at everything. Besides once her criteria becomes more specific (location, size, academics) schools start falling off the list and she'll learn about others she'd never thought about. Good luck to your sister. This is a really important summer, so I hope she makes the best of it.</p>

<p>If finances are an issue, definitely factor this into the college search. Look for schools which offer great merit scholarships based on her ACT score and GPA.</p>

<p>^^^ Unless she feels that your family finances would put you in line for financial aid based on need. In that case, finances shouldn't get in the way of considering any college or university.</p>

<p>great. thanks for the help.</p>