Where to drop by on campus or go out to eat to experience NEU

<p>Attending accepted students day in 2 weeks. Besides the official college activities, where should we wander, have a cup of coffee or eat dinner to get a feel of NEU.</p>

<p>For a cup of coffee - I suggest the Au Bon Pain in the recreation center building.</p>

<p>"Rec center" (in case you didn't know) is called Marino. It's all glass and it'll probably have a large blow-up husky dog on top of it. No joke.</p>

<p>Cup of coffee, maybe Espresso Royale on gainsborough street. Temptations, on huntington, is also a good casual lunch spot. Wandering into Symphony/Gainsborough will give you a good feel for the popular student areas that aren't directly on campus. There's also Panera, Pho & I, and Betty's Noodles around there, which are popular among NEU, New England Conservatory, and Berklee students.</p>