Where to find Supplementary Forms?

So, from the threads here, it seems like if Berkeley wants to know more about a student, they send a form.

Where do I find it?

My myberkeleyapp doesn’t say anything.

If you haven’t noticed yet, not everyone gets one.
In fact, someone said only about 5% of applicants get a supplementary questionnaire.
If you did not get one, you are neither accepted or declined. It just means they had enough information from your application to make a decision.

That’s bad news for me.
I didn’t really tell the adcoms much about myself in my Community essay, only about my parents.
I really hoped they would see my teacher’s recommendations or something to get an idea about my true personality :confused:

Are you sure you’re in the right forum? This is the UC Berkeley forum, and there are no teacher rec’s UNTIL (and if) an applicant is placed into Augmented Review. The vast majority of UC applicants will not be providing, nor will they be allowed to provide, a teacher rec.

@epiphany - I think that’s what @determined2300 was trying to say…because he/she was not chosen for augmented review, he/she did not get the opportunity to show the admissions committee the teacher recommendations that were apparently sent to other colleges. Hence, the poster was expressing disappointment that he/she was not chosen for augmented review. I think the post was definitely intended for the Berkeley forum.

Oh, thank you prospect. What a clear answer!