Where To Get Good Practice Tests?

<p>I have used all the Practice Tests from the Red Book, PR, and 1296.</p>

<p>Are there any free practice tests online? Or is there another book that has good tests?</p>

<p>Amazon.com: The Real ACT (CD) 3rd Edition (Real Act Prep Guide) (9780768934403): Inc. ACT: Books</p>

<p>This link contain a book from the ACT makers themselves. Contain 5 retired tests. There are exactly 3 booklets that the ACT have given to High School counselors. The ACT websites offer a online course for 20$ which contain 2 tests. Also, the ACT have another test that is broken down into sections but it contain enough for a full test.</p>

<p>Just be aware that the new (3rd edition) of the REAL ACT test book contains 3 tests from the previous 2nd edition book. Only 2 tests (of the 5) are new.</p>

<p>Yeah but the 2 test alone is worth it. Also 20$ for the ACT online program give you two tests.</p>

<p>Do anybody have the redbook pdf if yes please inbox me the link please</p>

<p>There are three unique free booklets ACT provides each year. That is, they contain 3 more practice tests as DivineGrace819 has mentioned. The 2005-06, 2007-08, and 2011-12 booklets all contain the 3 tests.</p>

<p>Also these tests have sample responses for the essay prompts.</p>

<p>the redbook pdf would be illegal</p>

<p>Sorry if I wasn't clear, but when I said the Red Book, I meant the new one. I took all 5 tests already. </p>

<p>Also, if I go to my guidance office, will I be able to get those free tests provided by ACT?</p>

<p>I hope there are more tests available because I want to take a lot of tests before December.</p>

<p>Each year the ACT send a test packet to high school however only every two years do they send a new test. Most schools should have 2 but there are 3 all together. </p>

<p>Free</a> Real ACT Tests by Rajiv Raju and Silpa Raju</p>

<p>Check this website. It gives you a link to the same tests I mention however it is in PDF format. </p>

<p>Also, ACT offer a test on its website. </p>

<p>Pay 20 dollar for the ACT online program the tests maker offer and it will give you 2 more tests.</p>