where to get student loans!!???

<p>i was wondering where the best place to get a student loan is? i already got approved for the stafford loans but i still need more money since i dont receive financial aid. i was thinking about applying at wellsfargo but after a search online i noticed some pretty bad complaints. </p>

<p>has anyone had great success with another institution?</p>

<p>PNC (10char)</p>

<p>PayDay Loans.</p>

<p>^ even if you are being sarcastic, its not funny.</p>

<p>Payday Loans are one of the worst loans you can/should get.</p>

<p>Start at bankrate.com or call gary coleman.</p>

<p>It was a joke. If anyone actually went to PayDay Loans to get a student loan, they probably should not be in college because they obviously do not have the mental capabilities necessary to be a productive member of any society.</p>

<p>Why so upset girly? Did you forget to read the fine print.</p>

<p>Private loans are never that great. Try salliemae's private loan program or try to get a private loan form the same company that manages your student loan just to make it easier on you, that way you can consilidate everything at the end of the day within the same place as well.</p>

<p>^I was under the impression that you shouldn’t consolidate a federal student loan with a private student loan since, by doing so, all the benefits that come with the federal student loan will become null and void. And, I’ve heard horror stories about Sallie mae.</p>

<p>The private loan I took out with PNC came with a lower interest rate than my federal loan, 1 and a half percent lower to be exact.</p>

<p>Try Discover Student Loans. They offer Stafford loans without origination fees.</p>

<p>torreypines, is that the name of your hs? hahaha.</p>

<p>Hey, tramdo</p>

<p>My fin. aid counselor gave me a PDF list of the best possible private student loans availible. Shoot me your email and ill send it to you.</p>

<p>I recommend this one.
Sun Trust Education Loans
Loan Name: Academic Answer Loan
Phone Number:1-866-763-6350
Student</a> Loans from SunTrust Education Loans
Interest Rates:
Low End: 3.875%
High End:10.5%
Repayment: 6 months after education.</p>

<p>I went with citibank and got a relatively low interest rate.</p>