where to get used Toyota hubcap

<p>Somehow we have lost a hubcap for our 2000 Toyota Sienna van. The dealer wants >$100+ for another. Anyone have other suggestions on how/where to get a replacement hubcap?</p>

<p>Look at an auto parts store. They often have hubcaps that are the same or very close to the original for a tiny fraction of what the dealer wants.</p>

<p>Often, they seem to want you to buy all 4 rather than just one hubcap, but I'll look. Thanks--other thoughts?</p>

<p>eBay is good:
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<p>Junkyard Clearing Houses often have these items:
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<p>Some businesses refurb old ones:
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<p>Go to a local junkyard, buy one for a few dollars, get it attached for like $20-$25. Just recently happened with my family.</p>

<p>For $16 bucks or so, you can get a set of four at AutoZone. I buy 8 at a time. That lasts me a couple years -- city driving, lots of potholes.</p>

<p>You certainly don't need to pay anyone $20-$25 to put a hubcap on! Just put it on! It's not beyond the capabilities of a 10-year-old.</p>

<p>Wow, that was a good price with AutoZone, but it is about $50 once they charge $27 for shipping plus the $24 for the hubcap! Oh well, I'll check out the local Auto Parts store. <sigh></sigh></p>

<p>My husband found a used Nissan hubcap online for $30, shipped. I don't have the name of the website, but I think you could find something without too much searching.</p>

<p>I made the mistake of buying ONE hubcap from a Toyota dealer for about 80 bucks...a week later I was in an auto parts store and saw a set of FOUR just like it for $25.</p>

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