Where to go - Georgia Tech, Case Western, RPI, Ohio Northern

<p>Hi to all:</p>

<p>Son accepted to all four schools. Wants to major computer engineering/game design/ or chemistry.</p>

<p>All great schools, but all very different. All priced about the same except RPI the most expensive.</p>

<p>Here are the questions:
1. Does school reputation really matter for future job opportunities?
2. Are the above schools worth the cost & intense effort for a future degree?
3. Words of wisdom - pros/cons of each school.</p>

<p>ohio northern is def an outlier in your group of schools...</p>

<p>georgia tech is probably the best one that you have listed, but, assuming you are a fellow Ohioan, it is about 9-12 hours away. case is the better school if you want to be in ohio. i can't really say much about RPI.</p>

<p>gtech is definately my fav (granted, i'm biased since i'm going there next year), but i love the fact that all of atlanta is right there... but it doesn't feel like a city campus:) if you have any specific questions about tech, just ask!</p>

<p>Georgia Tech is the best engineering school on your list. Students there are required to work very hard. RPI has a very good engineering repetition so is Case Western.
Georgia Tech would give your son the most opportunities for jobs around the country and their alumni groups are very strong and help graduates with job placement. My son attends Carnegie Mellon and he is presently a sophomore. I am amazed at the internships that he and his classmates were offered this summer. Businesses do look for top talent at good engineering schools. Again, I believe that the schools alumni groups particularly in technical fields will help them in future job opportunities after they graduate. Best of luck</p>

<p>Out of all those schools I would pick Georgia Tech. Its a great school and it also has decent athletic programs. My friend goes to Case Western and all he does is complain about how boring it is/how bad Cleveland is...but for some reason he keeps going back each semester. I can't really comment on the other schools since I don't know much about them.</p>

<p>Thanks for all of the comments. Distance, cost, future connections are all great points. </p>

<p>Does any one have any idea what GT offers in terms of financial aid?</p>

<p>What dorms are ones he should consider at GT?</p>

<p>Any good Christian organizations/groups?</p>

<p>Is it "true" GT weeds out students? If yes, in what courses?</p>

Does any one have any idea what GT offers in terms of financial aid?


<p>OOS packages will probably be meagre outside loans. Hell, we all just got slapped with a 100 dollar extra charge for enrolling in the spring semester due to the bad economy (and subsequent shortfall in state funding). If you can somehow get residency though GT is extremely cheap (actually its sticker price is the second cheapest in the nation among the top publics for OOS students)</p>

Any good Christian organizations/groups


<p>I don't know off the top of my head since I'm a non-practicing Christian, but there are a lot of Christians on campus.</p>

What dorms are ones he should consider at GT?


<p>West campus, I can't really be more specific since I didn't go there for undergrad but West campus is a lot nicer looking than east. </p>

Is it "true" GT weeds out students? If yes, in what courses?


<p>Calc II and the intro CS class I hear are the worst two. Honestly, there are a lot of easy courses. I myself TA'd a course in a classically hard area but the test averages were like 93 and 94. My personal opinion is that the current GT is not as difficult as people have made it out to be; It may have been brutal in the past, but as they have risen in the rankings they have realized that in order to maintain their status they need to focus on quality of life which they have done to a large extent behind the scenes.</p>

<p>Thanks gthopeful. Great insight and responses. If you have any additional suggestions for surviving as a GT we are interested in hearing your thoughts.</p>

<p>I would agree that GaTech is the best choice. I got accepted a couple years ago but declined because the school I go to now gave me a lot more money. Sometimes, I regret it just because UA is not known as an engineering school versus GaTech. </p>

<p>My package included some loans but the majority was from the department in which I would have majored and also I received an OOS tuition 'waiver' through the Academic Common Market Program.</p>

<p>However, it's funny that you mention good Christian organizations because I got involved with Campus Crusade for Christ at my school and have grown so much since. You can google Campus Crusade for Christ and they can probably tell you which campuses they are present on. They are probably just about everywhere as it is one of the largest campus ministry groups. However, they are not the only group as there are about a dozen other large & small Christian groups on my campus.</p>

<p>I really appreciate all the comments and suggestions. When you consider the cost, time and future possibilities for employment, making a good solid selection is very important. </p>

<p>Unfortunately we are not in any of the southern states where there is an exchange program established between colleges. Our son will only qualify for merit based scholarships which is a shame because we are a typical middle class family. </p>

<p>We shall keep all doors open and see where God directs and provides. Our job is just to keep knocking and in some cases pounding on doors to see what options prevail.</p>

<p>I am currently attending Georgia Tech in my freshman year. It's a good school. The classes are difficult but you can find a lot of help around campus. Someone mentioned before that the city of Atlanta is around the campus so there must be a lot to do. This is sadly untrue for freshman. You can't go to the bars, odds are you won't have a car, and parking is pretty expensive. Also the dorms are pretty crappy and they aren't the most comfortable places to hang out
Like you, I'm from up north,New York, so I miss my back country and snow so I'll probably transfer to RPI.</p>

<p>When making your decision make sure you think of the little things too, because sometimes they matter more to you than you think...</p>

<p>gthopeful: which class did you TA?</p>

<p>BlueMonkey your comments about the little things are interesting and considering a transfer to RPI. RPI was my sons top choice but he is reconsidering this with the cost of tuition being so high and all the trouble that is taking place over the staff cuts.</p>

<p>Beyond the fact that you miss the snow and the dorms are not great, as a Freshman what would you specifically recommend my son carefully consider before attending GT?</p>

<p>What dorms would you suggest for example? Challenges you did not know about until you arrived? Anything that isn't common knowledge that might be worth considering.</p>


My d is considering GaTech, too. She also got in, and she's OOS. For us it'll come down to the merit scholarsip opportunities as well. In her case, she is a PSP semi-finalist so we know there's a possibility that she'll make it to Finalist. We'll see ... interview is coming up. Anyway, with regards to the Christian organizations on campus, I noticed there appears to be a very large Campus Crusade for Christ group, and another large group called Christian Campus Fellowship (or CCF), which appears to be another non-denominational group. Also, being in the south, there's a BCM group (Baptist Collegiate Ministries), which is part of the Southern Baptist Church. I'm sure there are other Christian organizations on campus. I've also seen one or two Christian Sororities, although I don't believe they're currently part of the Panhellenic conference, but I could be wrong. Haven't checked out Christian Fraternities. It's important for our D to find a Christian group and a new church home, too. We'll see how that all shakes out. But in the end, it'll come down to finances and whether or not she gets the money to make GaTech feasible when put up against Florida schools where she has Bright Futures taking care of in-state tuition. </p>

<p>I don't know if you visited GaTech, but we, and she, were very impressed when we did Preview there. In fact, before she went to Preview, she was only visiting because her dad insisted (engineering pop, here). Now, she can really see herself there. She especially likes what she heard about co-op and internship opportunities. She's nervous about Atlanta, but that's because she's a small town girl and she needs adjustment time with any new "thing" in her life. We'll see ... but I'd definitely keep it on the short list, especially if you can get some aid because those OOS fees are harsh.</p>


<p>I'd have to go with Georgia Tech on this one, it's better academically and socially then the other schools</p>

<p>My son accepted, OOS engineering to Georgia Tech, Case Western, UIUC, Penn state and currently attending Georgia Tech. First you and son must visit all the accepted school and decide which school he will be atten, because it will be home for next 4 years of your son. We visit all 4 school before made final decision. GT is very hard school academically, but with all the consideration GT was the best school for our son.
They have many Christian organizations on campus, also church service at some building of GT campus every Sunday morning.</p>

<p>Have you considered what your son is looking for? Would her prefer to be close to home or farther away? How big of a campus is he comfortable with? What sort of social life is he looking forward to? Is he self-motivated or will he need more hand holding? For my son, I would have recommended RPI and Case Western over GT, despite the reputation, because of other factors (he is actually looking at Carnegie Mellon and JHU). In other words, prestige shouldn't be the only criteria. (Although my son somewhat disagrees - he also doesn't want to have to "constantly explain why I chose my school")</p>

<p>Gatech is a great school, that is you're willing to put forth effort.</p>

<p>Thanks Windley, EngrMom & Darko21 for your comments. We have visited GT and that is why the questions. Case and Ohio Northern are closer and though not ranked like GT, are closer and are offering great scholarships. GT though has a terrific program and even though the campus is in the city, it didn't seem like you were on an inner city campus. For example, Ohio State in Columbus is huge and feels like a city campus school.</p>

<p>Case gives a lot of money in scholarships away, and I think it is ranked on par with RPI and Georgia Tech in terms of engineering, so I'd look into that.</p>