Where To Go?

<p>I am an international student who got accepted to </p>

wash u (in st.louis)
claremont mckenna
u mich ann arbor
u wisc madison</p>

<p>I intend to study asian studies.
haven't decided where to go.
which one would you recommend?</p>

<p>Hey ill recommend either Cornell or Ann Arbor, it depends...Ann Arbor thou has lots of Asians, but in the end its ur choice.</p>

<p>Great schools. You have a really tough decision. If you like a small and close knit community, Claremont McKenna and Middlebury are awesome. If you prefer a large and diverse university with many academic and research opportunities, Cornell and Michigan are great choices. Help us out. What do you want to major in (I know you said Asian Studies, but be more specific)? And do you prefer a rural or urban/suburban setting?</p>