Where to live at Hofstra freshman year

Where is the best place to live freshman year on campus? My roommate and I want to live in a suite

Probably Netherlands, then Stuyvesant. Both are very nice, but I think there is a small dining hall in the Netherlands and that is where most freshman live. Colonial Square is the furthest distance from the student center/academic side of campus. My daughter has only lived in the Towers, so no real experience to share as far as suite living.

Also, when signing up for a meal plan, choose the cheapest option available. We lost about $700 because you can only roll over unused $ to spring semester if you keep the same plan. The meal plan is dollar for dollar (not swipes, like some schools) and you or your parents can add any dollar amount to your account if it starts to run low.
Good luck!

Is netherlands a dozen or so dorms, with one housing a dining hall? For ex, if you live in netherlands how far might the walk be to the dining hall?

@silverpurple Netherlands is a group of suites and I think the dining part is in the center at the front entrance. I would think it would only take a minute or two to get to that dining hall even if your suite was the furthest away. The student center and main dining hall are also a short walk across the street.

Hi! I’m currently finishing up my freshman year at Hofstra and would love to help you understand the freshman dorms a little better! I lived in Stuyvesant Hall which is on the main part of North Campus as Hofstra is divided into two sections: North Campus (mainly residence halls, fields, and dining halls) and South Campus (Academic buildings, faculty offices, and the rest of the dining halls!). Freshman, as you already know, have two options for all-freshman housing if you want a suite (which i would highly recommend); Stuyvesant or Netherlands. They are relatively close to each other, about a 5 minute walk as Netherlands is across Oak Street if you’re looking at a map of campus. I loved living in Stuyvesant more than anything however found myself walking over to Netherlands more than twice a day as half of my friends lived there and I just preferred the food at Netherlands Core over the student center! It’s definitely all up to preference and visiting and touring would definitely help! If you have any more questions I’d be happy to answer!

So i take it Netherlands is more desireable than Stuyvesant? Is that because the netherlands dining hall? Also, what do you think of the honors dorm for a studious, quiet freshman? Just wondering if my studious quiet kid would be the odd one out in the suite arrangement if you know what i mean? @kassidypelletier

Sorry for such a late response! But I would say it’s definitely up to preference depending on where friends are living; however, if your student is in the honors college and looking to focus more on studying I would definitely recommend Vander Poel (the honors college housing)!! I definitely understand your concern and I agree that they would probably be much more comfortable in the studious environment that Vander Poel provides as I have friends that dormed there and absolutely loved it! The only downside would be the added distance from classes and dining halls that comes with living in Vander Poel.

I am not sure if there will be any on campus living this fall being in NY. Do you have any opinion on that?