Where to login for Cornell App?

<p>I know this is probably a really stupid question, but I was wondering where the login button for the Cornell Account is. I received the email with the app ID and activation code, and I set up my password a few days ago. Clicking the link in the email will only let me activate my account or add a password, but not access the actual account. I've been clicking around the site but I can't find anything. It's probably right in front of my eyes but I can't find it. Thanks in advance for your answers! :)</p>

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<p>me too!! i have no idea where to log in.</p>

<p>[Check</a> Application Status | Admissions](<a href=“http://admissions.cornell.edu/apply/first-year-applicants/check-application-status]Check”>http://admissions.cornell.edu/apply/first-year-applicants/check-application-status)</p>

<p>I always search “application status” to find the page.</p>

<p>I think the check status thing opened recently. I didn’t see it a few days ago^^</p>

<p>I just checked mine and have some Qs…
I applied to School of Hotel Administration and as far as i know, they only require SAT Subject Math test score. However, in the checking page, there are four SAT 2 categories. I there are check marks next to math and science so i’m alright, right?</p>

<p>Thanks! And only 1 subject test is required for the hotel school. As long as you’re checked for the ones you need, you’re fine.</p>