Where to look for a possible roommate?

My daughter just made her decision last night and now I see we have to apply for housing by 5/4. Is there some forum online (like I know some schools have) where she can seek out a possible roommate and get to know them before she goes?

Contact the housing office for information on that.

Our daughter was assigned her two roommates for freshman year in Tercero. They had nothing in common other than they were respectful of each other and their things, maintained cordial friendships, and were kind to each other. All 3 were studious, non smokers, non-partiers and were helpful to each other. Three very different personalities, very different majors, but it worked.

Later, they saw each other occasionally on campus. I don’t think my daughter saw them during her junior or senior years.

My daughter met one of her future off-campus roommates/friends on her dorm floor. They’ve traveled together and remain friends. My daughter’s best buddies were in her major.

My college, way back in the stone age, asked us to fill out a survey. ( I can’t remember if Davis asked the same). Our survey matched us and I still ended up with someone very different from me. I rarely ever saw her (boyfriend was on campus) but she had more “accessories” for our room-tv, fridge, stereo, lamps. She let me use anything in the room. I was respectful of her time and items. We got along well when we saw each other.