Where to park on campus late at night?

<p>Sometimes, I have to go to Powell or Melnitz to study/pull all nighters and I live pretty far from campus (walking would take a solid 30-45 minutes and it's freezing outside) so I'm thinking of driving to campus to do my late night studying. Are the parking structures or meters by Murphy hall monitored late at night? Like if I park at 2am and don't pay, am I going to get ticketed? I see cop cars patrolling campus at all hours but I'm not sure if they're the ones responsible for stuff like that.</p>

<p>Also, does anyone know if the parking meters by Murphy are only for handicapped people or is it for anyone?</p>

<p>After 6 or 7PM, flat rate (I think it's $6) parking near whole food or Ralphs or Trader Joe's area. I parked at meters of Trader Joe's in evenings when I visited the campus since it is free past 8pm.</p>

<p>its not "freezing" outside, the low is like 50 degrees. Wear a jacket.
You can also just take a bus??</p>

<p>thanks @uclaparent. i was just hoping to find some free place to park. haha but i'll keep your suggestions in mind.</p>

<p>@jamesmadison. i've definitely walked back on nights when it was far below 50. and does the bus run at 4am when i need to get home?</p>

<p>Why do you need to be at the library at 4AM? Just study at home.</p>

<p>ive been told by campus parking that you can park at sunset parking structure without a pass after 4:30PM, but i had a pass for another lot so i don't know about your situation</p>

<p>i doubt parking enforcement regulates late at night at any parking structure anyway</p>

<p>Free parking is a gold mine here...in your case I would park in Westwood or the apartment streets (both a good 15-20 minutes from Powell). There is metered parking near the law school which is the closest to Powell I can think about.</p>

<p>Be careful though because west wood parking police are TERRIBLE and will do anything to give you a ticket/tow your car</p>