Where to put Mic/Fridge in Triple?

<p>I have a triple in Unit 3 and I'm not sure where a microwave and fridge would be placed. I checked out the 3D tour on Cal Housing and it seems like there is no space? How have other people managed it? </p>


<p>we just stacked one on the other and put em in the corner next to the closet. and yes, the one closet door opened only 75%.</p>

<p>Lollll. We might have to do that. Do you think there is space to put them against the wall, near the door entrance? or would the door not open properly?</p>

<p>When I dormed I was in a corner triple in Spens-Black and there was enough space between the door and the bunk beds to put a mini fridge and a microwave on top.</p>

<p>okay, thanks! hopefully that is the case with us</p>