Where to see full ACT score report?

Perhaps I am not looking in the right place, but all I can find is higher level details on my daughters scores. I can’t locate the pdf style sheet like the image here. Can anyone offer help?

Just out of curiosity who’s scores are these shown with all their personal info?

Just from a google search I assumed it was not real…

Yes, that’s the sample student score report from the ACT website. I saw it this morning while looking for my D’s scores from the April test. Her scores still not released. :roll_eyes:

I’m not sure they do that report anymore, after switching over to myact.org site. If you go into your account, click the ‘Scores’ tab. Then, for a given test date, select ‘my score details’, and you get info like this, for each section:

Thanks, that’s all I saw as well. Was hoping they still had the more robust details. Appreciate it.