Where to stay in New York City?

<p>I posted on the Julliard thread, and a kid parent suggested I re-post here:</p>

<p>Seeking advice on where to stay for an audition held at Julliard in Dec.
We come from California, and would like it to be close to Julliard, not too $ (We know, it's New York! $$$) and pleasant.</p>

<p>All advice is truly appriciated</p>

<p>We have stayed at the Hampton Inn Times Square North on 8th Ave. near 51st St (once for Juilliard audition and again on another visit). It is within a minute of the 50th St. station for the blue subway line and one block to the 50th St. red line station (red line goes right to Lincoln Centre and the blue line requires either a transfer or brief walk). By cab Juilliard is a 4-minute drive. Walking it is about 16 minutes. Times Square is a 4-minute walk, so there are tons of restaurants in the vicinity. There is an excellent grocery store/deli across the street.</p>

<p>The lobby is nice and the free breakfast is very good. The room prices have been around $175 for a two-queen room when we have stayed, but December might be more in NYC. The room was clean, but somewhat worn (but I've seen much worse in NYC). The room was not large, but definitely much larger than most rooms we've had in NYC.</p>

<p>I believe the Hudson is well-loved as a reasonably-priced hotel that is closer to Juilliard and that has some charm.</p>

<p>Here's a link to Juilliard's own list of nearby hotels which has about 25 listed:
<a href="http://www.juilliard.edu/student-life/pdfs/juilliard_area_hotels.pdf%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://www.juilliard.edu/student-life/pdfs/juilliard_area_hotels.pdf&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>I recommend a Priceline name-your-own-price bid for New York. It's likely to work out far better than booking directly. There are many hotels in the lower 30s -- walking distance or a short subway ride to Juilliard -- which work with Priceline a great deal.</p>

<p>We have stayed at the Lucerne. It is close, roomy, and reasonable by NYC standards.</p>

<p>I've occasionally gotten a good rate at the Empire, which is right across the street-- very convenient. Ask the hotels if they have a Juilliard rate (the Hudson has one.)I've stayed at the Hudson twice: once it was quiet and beautiful, a wonderful sanctuary. The second time we were put in a room the size of a matchbox with paper thin walls and the folks next door had a conversation in Spanish (they weren't even being loud, but it was if they were in our laps) until 3 Am, the night before a 10 AM audition.</p>

<p>As for the Lucerne-- reading these comments makes me want to try it. :)</p>

<p>I have stayed at the Park 79 more than once and have liked it. Manhattan</a> Hotels: Park79 Upper West Side New York City boutique hotel near Central Park, Broadway and American Museum of Natural History lodging in NYC</p>

<p>You can also try the Millburn and On the Ave. Both are short walks to Julliard and often have specials.</p>

<p>At Broadway and 77th, there is a hotel called "On The Ave". It is a great deal for the money. Still $200 a night, but for NYC, that is a good price.</p>

<p>We are staying at the Da Vinci Hotel (56th between B'way & 8th) for a Juilliard visit next week. It has good reviews and is reasonable by NYC standards. (hopefully it's nice.) </p>

<p>My hotel strategy for NYC has been to book a room and keep searching. Most of the cheapest places were not available when I started searching. I've cancelled two so far because I found better deals. The Da Vinci didn't come up on any of the hotel booking sites. </p>

<p>Another option, which I couldn't make work, is the short-term condo rental from places like istopover or roomorama. There are plenty of people offering these on craigslist, but I would never book one of these without a legit agency involved. Too many scams out there. If you're booking this far out, maybe one of these will work for you. (I assume the two I referenced are legit... I tried to book and none of the places I tried to get were available. To me, that was a good sign. I stumbled across a similar site that had great deals in all parts of Manhattan, all of which were available for our dates. It did not pass the smell test.)</p>

<p>Violindad, I can tell you aren't from NYC, it is charming to hear the subway lines called 'the blue line' or 'the red line'....when they aren't calling it 4 and 5 letter words, it is all a sea of letters and numbers:)
One other suggestion, though not super close to Juilliard, is the Chelsea Savoy on the corner of 23rd and 7th. The #1 subway line is right there, and it drops you right off at Lincoln center/Juilliard at 66th st (6 subway stops). It is pretty reasonable by NYC standards and is very nice, and the area around there is interesting, some nice shopping on 6th avenue, restaurants and is in chelsea which has a lot of neat stuff.</p>

Another option, which I couldn't make work, is the short-term condo rental from places like istopover or roomorama. There are plenty of people offering these on craigslist, but I would never book one of these without a legit agency involved.


<p>I've used roomorama a few times and always had good experiences. You can usually bargain the prices down too in the winter season ;)</p>

<p>For a great deal , how about the YMCA near Lincoln . We also like the Mayflower , across from Lincoln Center .</p>

<p>The Phillips Club is on W66th and Broadway directly across the street from Julliard's new bookstore. It offers serviced apartments (spacious studios, 1BRs and 2BRs with fully operational kitchens) and our family recommends it highly. It's particularly good for longer stays as far as rates are concerned.</p>

<p>I have lived in Manhattan my entire life. Almost ANY place in Manhattan is sufficiently close to Lincoln Center (Juliard). Lincoln Center is a stop on the 7th Avenue local subway line, a stop on the 65/68 street cross-town bus line, and a taxi ride from everywhere else. Pick a hotel that fits your budget. Many tourists stay in my neighborhood at the Days Hotel @ BWay and 94th street (it's even on the double decker tourist bus upper west side route). Save some money on housing to spend seeing a B'Way musical. I recommend "How to Succeed ..." (with Harry Potter) and "Anything Goes", both limited runs. Great tunes. You can get reduced price tickets for the same day in Times Square.</p>

<p>Another good option would be the DoubleTree Suites in Times Square. You get a large bedroom and a living room with pull-out couch and an efficiency kitchen. It's a very secure building, you have to show your room key and pass security on the ground floor(or your name must be on the reservation list), and then you take the elevator up to the 3rd floort lobby, which is lovely and has full concierge service. The rooms are super-quiet, with nary a sound from the busy streets below, but there are some terrific views to be had! Discounts might be available through their affinity program too.
ConCerndDad is right, transportation is easy to take, and while I've never been fond of the subway (in fact, I won't take it in NYC, and I grew up there- just not my "thing"), buses and taxis can get you anywhere.</p>

I posted on the Julliard thread, and a kid parent suggested I re-post here:


<p>This is off topic, but I have a birthday later this month, and I am just lovin' the idea of being a "kid parent." :D (Especially because said kid is 26 - and he's not my oldest!)</p>

<p>I just wanted to say that this thread is a valuable resource! I hope I can find it next time I have to stay over in NYC. I almost wish we could make it a sticky thread (a bit too NY-centric I suppose.) Thanks for all these recommendations, and keep 'em coming.</p>

<p>I think if you simply subscribe to this thread you should be able to find it when you need it -- just check out your subscriptions.</p>

<p>Ouch, binx. this should have been 'kind parent.' (typo, mine.)</p>

<p>Thanks everyone. This is a fantastic resourse. Working on it!</p>

<p>In Spring '10, S's jazz band went to Essentially Ellington, and we all stayed at the Salisbury Hotel on 57th between 6th & 7th Aves. Pretty easy walking to Lincoln Center, nice old hotel with very decent breakfast, great pizza & bagels right on the block, and what was super for us, (since we weren't chaperoning the group & had loads of free time) almost directly across 57th from Carnegie Hall. Also, Steinway Hall is just down a few steps. We dropped in to just look around, and since S was with his parents & wearing a suit (& my husband recognized the woman working there from the Steinway documentary), they let him try out the super-fancy grands for 15 minutes. Super thrilling! Husband walked to Central Park, I walked to Tiffany's... So, an old hotel, which we actually enjoy, and clean, which we really really enjoy a lot, and very inexpensive, which made it all possible. Of course we had a group rate, but still, I suspect it's better than most. Highly recommended.</p>