Where to stay when visiting?

<p>Making arrangements for a visit to Clemson in February 2012, from NY. We will be staying one night only. Do you have any suggestions? Reasonable rates, and clean.</p>

<p>We are visiting in March and would love suggestions also!</p>

<p>We usually stay at the Hampton Inn or the Marriott (something . . . can't remember which kind of Marriott it is) in Clemson. The Marriott is new (a couple of years old) and both are in convenient locations. (Clemson is small . . . every location is convenient!)</p>

<p>I would stay at either the Holiday Inn Express, Courtyard Marriott, Sleep Inn, Hampton Inn. Haven't heard bad things about the James F. Martin Inn either (the university hotel).</p>

<p>The Holiday Inn Express, Sleep Inn, Hampton Inn and University Inn are all on Tiger Boulevard and there is every fast food chain you can think of (along with a Starbucks/Walgreens/Rite Aid etc...) within a mile walking distance. The Courtyard Marriott is on the Red bus route which runs all day 7 days a week when school is in operation so it is convenient in that you don't have to drive to campus (<a href="http://www.catbus.com/home/red.html%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://www.catbus.com/home/red.html&lt;/a&gt;). There is a supermarket (Bi-lo) next door as well as a Bojangles and Beef O'Brady's, a local favorite. The James F. Martin Inn is next to the university golf course and isn't really close to anything.</p>

<p>Haven't had the best experiences staying at either the University Inn or the Days Inn but you get what you pay for there.</p>