Where to study during summer at Berkeley?

<p>Libraries close early.</p>

<p>Anyone know a good building on campus/off-campus to do some light/hardcore studying?
Somewhere quiet and with enclosed spaces, like the desks w/ dividers in Main Stacks.
Not a big fan of cafes.</p>

<p>Looking to study at times during the evening up to midnight.</p>

<p>If anybody has suggestions, that'd be great (though I'm sure my options are few and far between).</p>

<p>The Law library stays open 'til 9 (Library</a> Hours-The Library-University of California, Berkeley)</p>

<p>im pretty sure you need key card access or something to go to the law library. they dont let in just anyone. but that may be for late night hours only, not sure.</p>

<p>you can try classrooms, assuming you wont get caught. otherwise basically you are out of luck on campus. there simply isnt much life during the summer. some cafes have quiet areas. and dont you have a place you are living that you could study? you could try to get into the dorms and use their study rooms/lounges.</p>

<p>In your room : ]</p>