Where UC Davis students come from

<p>California residents make up 97% of undergraduates at UC Davis.</p>

<p>49% from the San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose area
13% from the Sacramento/Yolo area
12% from the Los Angeles/Riverside/Orange County area </p>

<p>The counties sending the largest number of undergraduates are:</p>

<p>Santa Clara 12.4%
Alameda 11.0%
Sacramento 9.8%
Los Angeles 8.8%
Contra Costa 8.3%
San Francisco 7.3%
San Mateo 4.6%
Yolo 3.5%
San Diego 3.4%
Solano 3.2%</p>

can u tell me where u got that info from
i wanna see that data for UCI</p>

<p>Riverside county represent.</p>

<p>thnz for the info on Davis, if you have a website I would really like to look through UCSD's stats as well. thnz</p>

<p>nay, they spawn from the deapths of hell I tell you!</p>

<p>I found the stats posted on the UC Davis website. I'm not sure on how to find stats for other schools.</p>

<p>Someone requested UCSD stats. Well I just found them. Here they are.</p>

<p>Where UCSD students come from:</p>

<p>California residents make up 94% of undergraduates at UCSD.</p>

<p>42% from the Los Angeles/Orange County area
21% from the San Diego area
21% from the San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose area
10% from other CA counties</p>

<p>woah 42% from Socal? weird if you think about it. Id think the majority would be San Fran area.</p>

<p>Santa Clara! Yay. :)</p>

<p>No, at least 63% from SoCal... San Diego counts as SoCal too. </p>

<p>It's not actually that surprising when you consider that fact that more people live in Southern California than anywhere else in the state.</p>

<p>I'm moving up from Sunny SoCAL as well.</p>

<p>SoCal's population by far bypasses Norcal population...</p>

<p>I'm part of that 13% from Sac area. Only 15mins from UCD campus.</p>

<p>san francisco =)</p>

<p>I'm part of the 3.5% from Yolo. Davis since '91, FA SHO!</p>

<p>San Jose here</p>